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Snort, there are EIGHTY MILLION babyboomers retiring now, the original protestors of the Vietnam war and war against authority. Seriously Republican polititians, if you think this generation is going to lie down while you raid the social security and medicare, there will be a complete housecleaning (so to speak) and for the first time, independants as a collective will be given their chance to make real change! So PLEASE, continue to "make our day"!!!

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Actually I am THRILLED that they have taken this stance, just as I was thrilled to see the results of the last election BECAUSE unfortunately, time has shown that the status quo was not waking people up! NOW they understand the actual danger because it is SO bad, even the most blind, and the most ignorate understands (even if they wont admit it) that the Democrate position will not work, because it hasnt)! It will result in their complete undoing in two years. In the mean time, they will be fought to a standstill by those now taking office who have heard the message loud and clear from this election. Also make no mistake and look beyond the desparate retoric of a deluded, isolated polititian just as the rats deserted the sinking ship this time, look for experienced and reality aware polititians desparate to keep their jobs a few more years to escalate deserting their ship staring in January 2011!

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I have been boycotting Amazon for years, which was amazing because I frequently have book orders going up to $250 a time. (Yes I am a bookaholic - knowledge is my drug of choice!) because I have an email from them when I wrote protesting their inventory on how to do dog fighting - an illegal activity...their response was to say that the supported the right of free speech. I keep that email to this day to post quotes from when enducating others about financially supporting criminals.

When I realized that they follow the laws selectively, as other criminals do, I stopped purchasing from them and changed to Barnes and Noble.

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Interestingly enough, from the new book release to the Puppy TV show, bookended a related experience I just finished having. Not fifteen minutes after I had his newly released Puppy book in my hand, I got a call from another independent rescuer who knew I don’t work with puppies, only 18 month-3 year old problem dogs. A now 5 month old beagle was being given up by a person too sick to care for the (no longer cute 2 month old) beagle she bought from a breeder. This puppy was on its way to join the 57,000 abandoned animals who pass through the second largest animal control in the US.

Thanks to the detailed index this book had I had been able to change this puppy’s problem behaviors in a matter of under 3 days, appropriately, safely and correctly. This puppy had just left to undergo neutering, as talked about in the Puppy episode show, before going to his new forever home as a good dog, rather then the problem dog he was becoming.