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Yes! Please brag about this fact! It is one of the many reasons I've been so impressed with the Tenth Amendment Center!

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Thank you! And nice to meet you too, Tara. We just started home church ourselves. If you're on facebook, please look me up! We do have a volunteer page if you'd like to get involved, but really we need to get the word out about the tenth amendment center, nullification, and the tour coming to Phoenix in January. Many are still unaware of the effectiveness of the 10th amendment and nullification, and time is of the essence.

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Thank you Rick, so glad to be a part of a great movement. I too like Virginia Foxx's way of thinking outside the box, we desperately need more like her to run for state legislatures.

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Everyone has to draw the line somewhere. For the sake of liberty for myself and posterity, I draw that line at any encroachment on that liberty. It will be my state and local government officials who will have to speak for their approval to our modern day enslavement by enforcing unconstitutional laws and failing to defend their citizens against those who wish to steal our liberties. A county sheriff could stop this type of abuse by requiring all IRS agents to report to his office before a door could be knocked on in their jurisdiction regarding an IRS case. Could a jury also refuse to convict someone of income tax evasion? I think they could if there was even one informed juror at the trial.

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Thank you, glad to have you and Kentucky!