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I cant wait for Leah in Eclipse. She made it fun when she was around. The way Leah and Jacob insult each other is funny. I just want June to get here already :]

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I think it is because Rosalie's life was taken without her wanting them to. What with Bella. She chose to become a vampire and to Rosalie that is too precious to give up and that she wished she had a choice.

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OH man I am so getting it with my Target copy of New Moon (the dvd cover is so much better) Im also going at Midnight. that is if Target does a midnight realease. Im hoping Hot Topic will do something. Havent heard anything about them yet but yea I want the digital copy of New Moon. Team Edward!!!!!

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I cant wait for Eclipse!! Its almost here though :] and then the DVD realease of New Moon...yea im super excited.

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Man, she is working her butt off :] She is a great actress, love her. Keep up the great work Kristen.

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I want to see it so bad. Hope Summit hurries up and makes a decision.

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OMG I want to call just to talk to him but im like so broke right now. I wish I can help out more. I already donated money a while ago but just to talk to Rob I will probably donate more :] Does anyone know if we can send food and clothes to Haiti yet?