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I don't remember him being "Drunk as a Skunk" in the video. Nor was he disobeying the cop. Douchebag cop was an idiot and should pay the settlement, not the City!

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Here's an angle...Why does the "City" have to pay this settlement? That means all of the taxpayers pay for this dumb racist cop's mistake? Sounds like a crock to me. Make this douche pay the settlement out of his salary-and take his job away before we have to pay for another one of his incompetent mistakes! Talk about a waste of our money...and I thought the Bike Lanes were a waste of taxpayer money. WOW!!!!

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he'll get up-just give him a moment to flop around.......

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Wow! We are in one of the weakest economies right now and we are steadly pumping money into researching lame issues such as this? It's the same ploy they used back in the day to get people so Anti-Marijuana! How does proving an individual had drugs in his system actually benefit American tax payers? Seems to me it's another classic case of Big Brother trying to run the show when they've proven already they are terrible at it! Good luck with this study Gil-you don't even realize the contradictions you constantly spill out of your CAKEHOLE! How's about lets try criminalizing the real problem....ALCOHOL! But, you wouldn't wanna do that, it may in fact change your life as well Mr. Kerlikowski! Drinking and driving kills people-not drinking, then smoking a doobie and then driving! What a Country! Don't drink and drive, but go ahead and park your car in our parking lot and get hammered and for gosh sakes, use good judgement if you get too messed up....Seems like the plan is working... if success is measured in death toll!

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And I thought I was good at the Wheel! The other contestant next to her was none other than Double R from the BJ Shea show on KISW. He's no longer with the show actually, but that was him and he was a jovial contestant to say the least!

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consistent moronic statements like yours are so old and boring! Surely you read the newest reports on the worlds most dangerous drugs right? Hmmmm, looks like the old Brown Bottle is the Champion of all the Land! Let's hurry and make it illegal to save everyone from this rotten tyrant! You are pathetic on an Epic scale! Wake up and...Burn one down my fearful peasant-the stale corn cob may eject from your rectum this way! Long live Alcohol! Die Potheads! Yeah, because we're the ones going out to the local bar and getting trashed on legal "drugs" like vodka only to drive our lame asses home with one eye open trying to "keep it between the ditches" and slam into an innocent carload on a Friday night! Good luck to you!

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as you read, he just pleaded guilty in AZ. You know he didn't learn anything except better marketing strategies in there. Classic case here, he just happens to be extremely successful and wealthy!

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i hardly agree he's "pretemding to be a loc'd out OG" as you put it. Sounds like he is living the lifestyle day and night, not just "acting" the part. Also don't think he needs any advice from "you or people like you" since he is at the top of his game even incarcerated. Love him or hate him, the kids got it going on right now- yeah the thug life is pretty silly- but you can't grow up in that environment and not become the monster you are witnessing day in and day out. I'm not condoning or advocating anything he is about, but quite simply admire his drive and skill in his field! Wouldn't it be grand if all the people making waves in this world were "god fearing, law abiding citizens"? Oh to dream!

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No way he's broke...Royalties come in for years especially when you're as acclaimed as he was. I'd say Crack Cocaine, but who knows. It's so comical that every time I read something about him, his wife is also involved and arrested alongside him. Can you imagine what their daily lives must be like? MISERY! Loved him in Lampoon movies though! That Bread Pudding is Extra Runny Tonight Clark!

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theres definitely a cheek swab test and it will show pot use within the last eight hours. who cares though...I burn everyday for back pain(caused by the forklift I drive everyday!) and I have zero accidents in the last 10 years...that's way less than Pablo the SuperDuper Laborer and he is totally sober. this is a great wake up call for american employers and insurers alike. California is laying a footprint for a beautiful horizon!