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Is Julian Assange silly for hoping their site will change the attitudes of those prosecuting these silly wars?

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I think you are too optimistic if you think anything is going to change soon.

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The rest of the world has not forgotten the Mediterranean Sea attacks, but for that to matter the rest of the world needs to show that they matter. Sure, they whine and protest about Israel's behavior, then everything goes on as normal. Same for the Dubai assassination incident. Things will be smoothed over and then, again, business as normal.

And suppose they do move Netanyahu out, will anything really change? Will AIPAC suddenly become more benevolent?

I've lost all hope. It's probably time for me to move on and quit reading anything regarding world affairs or politics because it is so depressing.

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Big thumbs up to your post, well said!

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It is sometimes said that good people go to Washington and are corrupted by the establishment. I don't believe that. Crooked people run in elections because they are eager to get in on the bounty that comes their way as long as they toe the establishment line. It is sickening, and it's only going to get worse.

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I really like this piece because when I first saw the hyped up reports of enormous mineral wealth in Afghanistan the first thought in my mind was; why, then, is the country so poor. I guess since Afghans are constantly having to ward off invaders they have no time to do some mining.

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There is truth to your statement regarding our "mercenary army." Anyone who enlists in this day and age knows they will be fighting somewhere in the Mid East/Persian/SW Asia amphitheater.

I believe it is also true that the real unemployment rate in the US, not the one you see and hear in the MSM, but the actual rate, is nipping at the heels of the 25% - 30% we had during the great depression.

The Pentagon and it's crony neocons could not have asked for better timing.

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Because Antiwar would not let PCR write about the need for a truth commission on 9/11.

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They will be condemned by the Baptists, too.

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Kill kill kill kill kill kill and kill some more. What the US does best.