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In many cases we do need to support "each other" as fellow Network Marketers. However, there is a certain breed of Networker that I DO NOT want to associate myself with and one that I feel needs to be held accountable.

This breed of Networker uses the hopes and dreams of amazing people to suck those people in to incredibly unstable opportunities, simply to generate income. You know the pre-launch re-runs that I'm talking about. We see them every year. Certain people go from pre-launch to pre-launch creating a buzz and hype, sucker thousands out of millions of dollars, shut it down and then change the name of the opportunity and do it again the next year.

These scammers hide behind the legitimate name of our profession yet they undermine it with their unethical behavior and actions.

Unfortunately I cannot sit by and support these people as fellow Networkers, just because they're in the same industry. And neither can you - which is one of the reasons I believe you have this community - to expose that hype and those companies that seek to damage our industry.

Accountability is what I call it. If a company is going to use hype to recruit then they should stand accountable to questions and concerns. Exposing those concerns is our right and quite frankly is just darn smart. Your site alone has probably helped A LOT of people save their money and reputations by exposing these scams for what they are. Calling those companies out is not bashing them. It's holding them accountable. Every great company (just like every great leader) should be held accountable. If a company resists it then I think that company has something to hide.

Keep up the great work. Thank you for all you do!

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I appreciate what you do for this industry.

I'm an optimist. I like to think that people set out to do good and circumstances that can be out of their control cause problems to happen. When Global Verge first came out with Buzzirk/Zer01 I said, "I welcome the technology, bring it on." But I threw caution regarding the lack of infrastructure that Global Verge had to supply the MLM side (the side that paid the checks). Of course I was called a hater (because I was in a competing company) and I was told that soon "I would see that Global Verge would be the strongest company in MLM." That was told to me by some pretty serious "players" in the MLM world.

Well, I guess we can all agree they were wrong.

My hope is that Panther is able to provide what they say they will provide. But as I said before with Global Verge, just because someone says they are going to do something doesn't mean they have the actual ability to follow through with it in an MLM setting.

Running a traditional wireless business and an MLM wireless business are two completely different things. Having a cell phone deal means nothing. You need rep support, proper legal counsel, a strong MLM commission reporting system, a solid accounting system to ensure commissions are run properly and paid promptly. This list (as you know Troy) goes on and on.

I hope Panther is able to pull off what they are promising to people. But I will caution those that are being sucked in by the hype to open your eyes and look at the entire infrastructure you're going to be aligning your efforts with. In other words, don't make an emotional decision, make a business minded decision. Any idea for a company is not enough in these economic times!

I know, all the Panther people will call me a hater. Well guys, I'm not here mentioning any other company names. I'm not linking to any websites or blogs here. Just someone that loves the MLM profession (particularly the telecom side) and doing my part to help protect it.

I wish the Panther Mobile opportunity the best of luck trying to make a go at this. I'm pulling for you. I truly am - for the good of the MLM profession!

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I don't think it was the Lightyear leader that Troy was referring to in his video. No Lightyear rep ever said anything about T-Mobile and WOW. You'd have to ask Mr. Panther about that one!

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What makes you think he's one of the most respected people in telecom?

What accomplishes has he had other than having his previous telecom MLM shut down by the feds?

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Have you ever built a large MLM business with a telecom MLM company?

I'm curious because usually it's people who have never done this that say things like "there's no residual in it" or that "all the money is in upfront bonuses." Hate to brake it to you but 70% of my income comes from ongoing monthly residuals from the services my team uses!

And as far as the price wars go. Let them go on! The more competitive the services get the more people will start to use MORE stuff (voice, text, data), etc. The future of wireless is EXTREMELY bright as we're just getting started in the states! 10 years from now I hope that every rep on my team gets to pay $50 a month for unlimited everything and can take their phone with them anywhere they want in the world (WiMax will be HUGE). I'll take 4% of $50 x tens of thousands of reps' bills over 3% to 4% of $150 juice that people will drop in 30 days!


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This is the letter that GV corporate sent to their reps??? Are you kidding me?

What I find hysterical here is that not one of the reps that joined Global Verge over the last year did any of this! LOL!!!!

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FDI Agent,

You're a funny guy. Spoken like someone who truly doesn't understand what they are talking about.

You do realize that Lightyear has already been in business for 16 years don't you? They didn't use MLM to "get started". They were in telecom for many years and already had a successful run. Wireless is their future and they are taking steps to focus more on that than what they had been for 16 years. Direct Sales and MLM is their only means of customer acquisition. Why would they cast away their customer gathering model??????

MLM companies that are public don't go out of business or get rid of the MLM model because they are public. They get rid of the MLM model because the ownership wants nothing to do with MLM. As you have seen from Sherm and Josh they've had their hand in the MLM world for many years. First as a DSA supplier (supplying services wholesale to companies like Melaleuca, Amway, Excel, World Connect, etc), then in their own MLM company. They also built their commercial sales division with Direct Sales Agents (not with marketing and advertising).

Sorry to break it to you but this move was done to empower the reps.

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Great replies Troy. They are appreciated.

I look forward to an incredible next 3 to 5 years in Lightyear. They are going to take some massive steps with acquisition and expansion which will give an already amazing opportunity even more staying power.

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You are absolutely right - Sherm is a winner! Everything he's said he would do he's done.

This step will give Lightyear an amazing step into our future!

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You're exactly right. The Global Group leaders were very aware that Mark and Ted could not handle what was going on. But they really didn't care. "As long as we're getting paid we're sticking it out" is what I was told from one of their top dogs. They knew that Mark and Ted had no idea of what they were doing. They knew about many of the lies (they even spewed a few themselves). Yet they continued to string people along - earning their checks, while they put together their back up plan (their own company). I can't wait to see this. Another train wreck, waiting to happen. What happen to people's ethics and morals?