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You can certainly use the T&C statement that Facebook requires you to adhere to as a reason not to release the information. It is breach of contract.

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Does this chart include Americans who are unemployed and/or low income??? I am current unemployed and my wife has a seasonal job. We pay our taxes every single year. To me, your headline is deceptive.

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As I have said in other forums - this is classic "killing the ant with a sledgehammer" behavior. The headmaster and Shelton BOE have their heads so far up their a**es they don't know which way is up. Enough is enough. Allow Mr. Tate to attend his prom!

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Apparently the deal has been CONFIRMED...

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It was a great article!

I received something on my Facebook this morning (Thursday, 04-21-2011) that said the original Bulldog page had been restored. That's great news. it does show that social media can make a difference.

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Pocket Wireless itself is only closing in Connecticut. I wonder if someone decides to go with another company if they can bring that phone with them.

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Administrators should be ashamed of themselves for trying to state these bracelets violate school dress code. With few exceptions, dress codes are almost impossible to enforce in schools. If a teacher sees someone dressed inappropriately in their mind, they can be punished for "looking". Give me a break!

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To me, it is a damn shame that many of us seem to be suffering from "Islam-o-phobia". Yes, what happened on 9-11 is still raw for most, if not, all of us (I lost many friends and classmates on that day). We must get out of this mode of condemning ALL MUSLIMS AND ALL OF ISLAM for the acts of a few selfish terrorists.
As for prayers before the meetings, that would be something to take up with leaders of the communities.

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The dash cams provide a tool for police to bring in additional evidence for traffic stops and other crimes. For legitimate bikers to complains about a couple of bad apples MISSES THE POINT. The bikers would not be targeted by the dash cams. Dash cams are a needed tool.

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Mike - what local taxes? Last I knew, a city/town can charge licensing fees, but I didn't know legislation had been passed to allow towns/cities to charge additional taxes...