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It's a responsible Manifesto. Some 'goodies' but properly tested and funded. Nothing sensational and nothing rash, unlike 2017.

I believe it will play well with the electors as they will compare our 'steady as she goes' approach to Labour's reckless spending which is totally uncosted and grows larger every day.

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As will be Fake Tory Agent..............................

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Eeeerrrrrrrrrrrr...................possibly because the country voted Leave in a democratic referendum.................

Besides, if you call that a Lib Dem surge when they lost a seat to us and failed to put up candidates in other seats, then I would dearly like to have some of what you are on.......!!!!!!!!!

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I know Shrobona personally, and she is doing a marvellous job. I recently attended the Diwali festival, organised by Shrobona, and it was a learning experience as well as a good fun couple of evenings.

Keep up the good work, Shrobona. You are much admired in South Cambridgeshire.

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Yes to all of the above. But one day, Brexit will be settled and we will be out of the maws of the EU. What then?

Without doubt, Brexit has broken the mould of British politics. We have former Conservatives who still agree with Conservative principles and ambitions who have jumped ship.

Labour has experienced the same. Even some of the few Lib Dem supporters have jumped ship as they personally wanted Brexit.

When all this is but a distant memory (A week is a long time in Politics, someone once said!!!) what happens then? Another realignment? Possibly. Some of those who left their traditional Parties will never return, but some who left will seek to do so; to deny them the opportunity of doing so, and I speak as an ardent Brexiteer, would, in my opinion, be the wrong thing to do. We must remain a 'broad church' of opinion. To do any other truly risks the future of the Conservative Party.

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Hammond is, at the very least, an honourable man. I was as angry as anyone about his behaviour, and totally agreed with the withdrawal of the whip from him.

All that being said, he is not doing a Grieve or a Soubrey on us. He has said he will remain a member of the Conservative Party and will not stand or campaign against us. I can at least give him credit for that.

I do not rejoice in seeing once loyal Conservatives leaving the Party, although I am a staunch Brexiteer. When this Brexit business is all over, there will be wounds to be healed and bridges to be built. We must remain a 'broad church' Party.

My overall take on Hammond is that he has been somewhat foolish in his course of action, like several others. Given time, it is my belief that most of them will come back to us when Brexit has been settled; and they should be welcomed back, all sins forgiven.

It will be very interesting for those still here to read a historical assessment of the recent times. It will go down, I believe, as one of the most turbulent times in British politics.

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Hearty congratulations. I am sure that you will be a fair and honest Speaker.

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Yes, good results.

Awaiting a comment from Fascist Tory Agent - but I won't hold my breath........................

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Boris did it. They said he couldn't get a deal. He got a deal.

Sure it is not perfect, and it was always going to be a compromise, which I accepted.

Now the 'Remoaners' such as Harry and Fascist Tory Agent have been shown up for what the really are. Democracy deniers. Like the Lib Dems, who are nether Liberal nor democratic, these 'Remoaners' bleat on about how things have changed. Yes, but to the extent that many of my friends who voted Remain last time would vote Leave now, as they do respect democracy.

If these 'Remoaners' are so sure of their ground, then let's have a General Election to sort it out once and for all. Surely they must agree to that; after all, they keep on baying for a 'Peoples Vote'.

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Whatever did she expect? She has shown herself to be disloyal and undemocratic. She fought the 2017 election on a manifesto which quite clearly stated we would leave the EU. She aligned herself behind David Cameron when he said that Parliament would honour the decision the people made in the Referendum.

It is quite clear now that she, along with others, were lying from the outset. These 'Remoaners' had no intention of honouring democracy. They thought that 'They Knew Better'. Well they don't, and good riddance to her.