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enough is more than enough - get rid of the whole EPA and everyone else involved in it.
These Elites need to keep their meddling noses out of every aspect of our lives.

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i don't care how its done, just do it. I want him behind bars and that goes for the puppet that dances to soro's Strings as well.

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Praise be to this Patriot. all of the states need be filed with the same lawsuit as AL.

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Get rid of the EPA/ and Obama.
then lets make a big major Change in what we have in congress and bring the common sense back to what this country was built on. Not for the Elites to rule and make the little working man Cave!

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Its time to clear house on both sides.
Neither side appear to be any good with the left being the worse.

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That sounds like a case of Black mail to me, and merits being looked into.

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Let him dig the wells in his own back yard and take away his water rights. Colorado does not have water to spare, much less give up our source of drinking water.

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These people are clueless as to what the issues are. They are being used as pawns by the left .
The less than intelligent being led to slaughter by Obama and the unions for their own personal gains.

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Holly woods elite has been severed as far as i am concerned.
I won't pay to see a movie or video put out by them. Just who do they think made them stars by going to see their movies.
Hang in there Hank, we Proud Americans stand with you.

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I want prison time for these officials whom thought they could get away with murder. Holder starts the list - and we all know whom should be next.