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RIP Alan.

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Not particularly lazy, at least any more than most political writing. Admittedly the terms left and right are very sloppy to begin with. But, since Wilson is well-known as a so-called Progressive from the time, it's certainly not wrong. Debs was a very different type of "leftist" of course—Wilson being a crusading statist and interventionist with an endless supply of "causes."

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"He claims that, at that time, an unidentified Iranian-American businessman, who is close to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, met with Mousavi’s campaign manager, Mehdi Khazali, in Dubai."

Wow, that is one iron clad third-hand speculative report. Case closed.

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Is there any US general left who isn't a joke, a jerk, a maniac, a toady or an imbecile?

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This is the best article on the subject I've read so far. Great summary.

Sadly, some will "read" this article very selectively and decide it's written by a blind pawn of US imperialism, despite clear criticism of US foreign policy, and a nuanced historical argument.

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Conspiracy theories, like all theories, should require evidence. Otherwise they are rightly dismissed.

The fact is, you can find far more evidence of UFOs than exogenous puppetry to organize the Iranian mass protests.

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"Firstly, opposition to US aggression against Iran does not equal support for Ahmadinejad. Ditto for Serbia and Milosevic. This is Bushian groupthink and scarcely warrants a response."

Justin is talking about the people who do equate these things. I think his column was perfectly clear. And perfectly relevant, given the number of people (commenting on this very website) who make excuses for tyranny because it's not American tyranny.

"they have not offered a shred of reasonably convincing proof that election fraud occurred"

The fact that many millions of ballots were supposedly accounted in a few hours doesn't count? Magical. Now that was a "divinely inspired result" without an electronic vote-counting system.

"the simple fact is hundreds of thousands of Mousavi supporters took to the streets on nothing more than the mere assertion of election fraud"

And a history of anger against a tyrannical government, which hasn't gone away just because there are fewer political killings than there were in the late 80s. That anger includes suspicion of prior vote-tampering a few years back. As well as reform candidates being barred from running in a previous election. All polls agree the majority of Iranians want significant reforms, and the regime has been blocking this from happening for many years in several different ways. They elected M. Khatami in a landslide, twice, to see reform happen and the hardline clerics just vetoed what they didn't like.

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Welcome to the internet, an international self-organizing complex system. Do you think some plot induces people to circulate LOL cats too?

1) Americans aren't the only people who know English, and furthermore people often try to get noticed abroad by using English.
2) Ahmadinejad supporters will hardly be smuggling information about crackdowns out, or need to organize via twitter. Their side has official organs to communicate with. If the press wants to hear their version, they can watch Iranian state TV.
3) They self-organized by responding to circulated messages. Same way Ron Paul supporters decided to show up at rallies, and collect many millions of dollars. What's they mystery here?
4) MEK and Jundallah, in part. Are we supposed to think Iranian reformers are especially disloyal and easily bought off in large numbers to do something they wouldn't do otherwise? Iranians have one of the proudest traditions of national feeling on earth.

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People who are "accountable" to people don't murder and terrorize their critics or imprison dissidents, like some of those you mention. They give them a free choice between their idea and someone else's, and if it goes against them they accept that.

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Suppressing individual freedom in many ways. Same "beef" I have with the rulers of every nation-state. The problem is more considerable there than in many other places, though.