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Deceiving huh? Perhaps we'll remember this when we very sure of "what we see"

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Hi James,

Thanks for the mini series on YouTube, it is very helpful.
Analytic shows that more visitors come through YouTube search than Google search so this is definitely an approach I want to fine tune.

Q: In creating playlists do you recommend that we make the lists public as well as allow others to embed and like (or dislike) this playlist?
So we can group a few related videos in a playlist and add in the more popular ones as well?

Very helpful tips on On SEO Majestic - like the reverse engineering approach.




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Glad you found it helpful!


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Thanks for the sample sentences/format you provide in addition to outlining the "how to" in the webinar/presentation transition video. So I can "see" the "seamless" transition in action instead of trying to imagine what would be considered a "seamless transition" ...

Instant Teleseminar seems to offer an affordable price for hosting the first few seminars and they do offer power point type teleseminar. However I am not sure if the videos show on iOS devices. Does the Evergreen System loads videos on iOS? Thanks!

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You are most welcomed Irene.
More stress relief resources are now available at with regular tele seminars starting Wed 9pm US ET time this week. Feel free to drop by!


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Agree. It's a trade off - I guess which ever is more important and has more weight as you pointed out earlier. Ok, enough of me asking and thanks for your feedback, I so appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

Somebody needs to come up with an app that allows you to do a brain dump - that app will sell like hot cake! Thanks Lou, you are THE BEST!


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Thanks Lou,

That's a Coach talking! LOL
Balanced score card comes to mind ...

But really I do want to know what options Kajabi offers us for portability.
Maybe this is for the bozz


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Hi Lou,

My concern is with control (as you have taught me).
I think there needs to be a balance for the following:


Can you share with me how you will take care of portability and flexibility?

This is a platform much like a hosting server (bear with my understanding), I won't want to build a structure that I cannot easily "move" as my business and I evolve.

That's one of the reasons I love Internet Marketing as supposed to local business marketing.
Please share your thought, I like to pick your brain on this :-)


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Mp3 Skype recorder did not work for me on Vista. Does anyone know why? My svchost.exe is also not working ...


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Hi Lou,

Lots of new info in this session. I had to watch the replay and I thought I finally got it but when you brought up "Authenticated User" and Accounts Owners - I think I need to watch this again. And I was taking notes and following the demo along with my live account ...

I am not sure that I will have a membership area set up yet but seeing what S3 shield does for content management, I am glad I was on the call to take advantage of the great deal. Thanks Wil and Lou for great content. Now I need to digest and put it to use ...