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I laughed and was also surprised that host didn't!

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thanks Chris Tomlin!

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We are in the process of leading our Church through a period of transition. One of the ways we are doing that is challenging each of our board members to mentor a younger man in the church by committing to meeting weekly w/ them and leading a small group w/ their mentee. We have been giving our board members books to read on a quarterly basis. I would think this would be a perfect fit. Thanks for considering me!

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Wasn't it Tebow that said he would play in the NFL because they play on sundays?

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This same critique could be levied against many pastors w/ their use of "in the greek" and other such confusing language

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A_W_E Awesome! Great Video as usual! But Great ministry as well! Overflowing w/ love for you and what the Spirit of God is doing in the students of Elevate Student Ministries!

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it is way too easy for youth ministry to become an idol in my life! Jesus must be my only source of dignity value and worth!