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Judging others is simply a distraction from examining and living up to one's own potential.

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Thank you for the interview. I continue to find Kino inspiring. Be strong, I believe there is a stronger version inside each of us than we can even imagine. I like the way she constantly reminds us of that.

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Great dialogue here and an important one to be having as the popularity of yoga grows.

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I've never seen these but I'll just never get over how a vampire can walk in the sun AND have a baby. Living dead that walk at night is the definition of vampire, oh ya and drink blood, so I hope at least they have that one. It's interesting how you can just change the well, well established "rules" of existence of such an infamous creature.

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Why, why can't Hollywood leave well enough alone. The original Thing is a classic. Nobody could think of any original horror idea, nobody ?!?!

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This is true! I can't believe in season 1 I was actually interested in what happened to her. She was like an underdog you could root for. She just seems completely unrelatable right now. Maybe the big fairy reveal so early and now having her fall for every supe intown undermined her every girl charm and took some of her spunk away.

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This episode was ridiculous but Eric drinking from the aorta juice-box style redeemed the show for me at last minute. Scenes like that is why I watch True Blood. I'm in for the finale but not sure next year - maybe if the cliff-hanger is amazing. If it's a repeat of a Soul on Fire style episode, even with a Bad ass Eric move, that will be the final nail in the coffin for me - no pun intended or maybe just a bit :)

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At this point, after this episode, after Sookie's whole dairy maid with lightening fingers trick and confused sofa talk with Eric, I've ceased to care about what happens to Sookie. Bottom line - the character is just sad; a girl who spends season after season unable to get over a romance gone sour is just dull tv. I'll tune in to the end of Season 4 to see what happens to the rest.

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The witch battle was thrilling - loved old Eric's, or slave Eric's or who ever Eric's body-part-in-hand wicked wicked laugh!
So true that Alpha hasn't very big boots to piss on.
Blood bonding in the cubby hot!
Eric and Sookie go to Narnia ..meh (but as Alan Ball says we've had our honeymoon now everything goes to hell).
I wonder if the new game on the True Blood set is who can do Tommy best this week and then that person get's a scene.

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This is Great! We'll never take old BAMF Eric for granted again!!!
"Sookie welcome to my dungeon."