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In FL, seniors are scared of Obamacare policies that threaten their lives, and a lot of them are Jewish.

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Demean and dismiss a sucess story like Trumps, at your own risk, It really makes you seem clueless.

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Love him or not, we must admit that Ron Paul has been a loser for a long time. Trump would make him look bad because Trump has a well modulated voice compared to Paul's screeches.

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It always makes me laugh when reps of two of the nost despised professions put on airs. media and politicians are right down there with used car salesmen. It is true that upstart populist candidates threaten to upset DC, and yesterday there was a big sign of relief in WAPO rejoicing that both Romney and Newt are people who will work within the system. There are a lot of consultants who are mighty angry that candidate are trying thing that do not involve them, this year.

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He is not a leading historian. If he were he would not work at good but obsure colleges like Tulane & Rice. He is just a media favorite.

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It is time to stop pretending that tolerance and Marquis of Queensbury rules don't just enable and cover up corruption and criminality. We need tough minded, clear thinking leaders who will call out the bad guys and prosecute them. That's high touch too. Moral equivalence and relativism must be challenged.

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You misunderstand "high touch", I think. My father was a "high touch" stockbroker in the post war era. He built his rep on leadersip, integrity, and networking.
The so-called reforms of the impersonal "meritocracy" crowd brought America to its knees by the strong arm tactics of the criminal underground. Their methods of extortion, intimidation and politics of personal destruction are the antithesis of the high touch Naisbet predicted.

He promised custom services replacing the one size fits all mentality of the Newtonian clockwork mindset. The reactionaries who colluded to pass Obamacare stepped right in the way of that as their lucrative professions are challenged by very cheap custom medicine based on genetic counselling and stem cell therapies. They cost next to nothing compared to hip and knee replacements. We want high touch personal attention to individuals but we are getting the interchangeable parts ideas of the machine era reinforced.

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We are seeing a return of the Puritan NE so determined to dominate the country that they will lead us into civil war to preserve their hegemony. Obamacare at the Supreme Court has the potential to be as destructive as Dred Scott. Let the Federal government divest itself of land holdings in the West to pay down the debt and see just how important Coulter's Connecticut remains. Everytime Lieberman votes against Anwar I take umbrage. Why should he get a say in the economic development of Alaska? The investment of the Rockefellers in politics is paying off now as their Chase bank reigns supreme after sabotaging the upstarts in North Carolina's Bank of America. Their environmentalism is a Calvinist return to trancendentalism in the asphalt jungle vis a vis the naturalism of the
West steeped in awe and wonder.

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To conduct these witch hunts in the press denies the accused due process. I well remember that they went on and on about Mark Foley even though he resigned immediately. Furthermore, no charges were ever filed against him, though the matter was referred to state and federal authorities.

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I am really sick of this whiney faux middle class. Tell your sob stories to the world who earn a lot less.