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My hope is that retribution is swift and terrible.

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I think also operatives in the Intelligence Community and the Pentagon are smelling blood in the water and think they might be able to drive Trump out of office before the election.

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"Without a doubt, America’s revolutionary founders would have been at the top of Barr’s list." Wishful thinking. The founders of this country fought the revolution partially to preserve plantation slavery. The British were beginning to make noises about outlawing slavery and indeed ended it in their territories in the early 1800's.

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You must be from the South where people have been fed a steady diet of "The War of Northern Agression."

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Mob rule, whether it comes from Liberals or Reactionaries, stifles discussion and makes clear consideration of options impossible. If anyone mentioned George Floyd's criminal record and the fact that he was under the influence of four illegal substances when he was taken into custody, they were likely to have their house burned down or their car trashed as if you were defiling the memory of the newly arrived second coming of Christ.

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That would be wonderful. Don't hold your breath.

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Total garbage. Whatever she claimed to believe, it is obvious she was just playing us for an edge. Joe Biden is a well known war monger, completely opposite of what she said she believed in. I am more than disappointed with her, I am disgusted with her and feel betrayed.

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Who cares what they call it? Just get the hell out and stay out! Bring all the troops home from everywhere? Why do we still occupy Germany? South Korea has a large, well equipped army. We don't need to be there either.

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Sander's greatest strengths are in domestic policies and he surely needs to back away from some of the traditional animosities that have been promoted by the U.S. establishment over many years. Sanders is the only Democratic candidate that has a possibility of doing that, advocating for a severe reduction in war spending to fund programs that the people need. If Tulsi Gabbard becomes his team mate that would go a long way in changing the discussion of foreign policy issues.

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I suspect that Russia is being careful because they know that, with America, they are dealing with mad men who have little regard for right or justice or territorial integrity. U.S. troops are now over on the other side of the country looting oil that belongs to Syria.