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There are already NATO crews operating the HIMARS so the U.S. and its lackeys are stepping gradually into a hot war with Russia.

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A few days ago, one of Zelensky's negotiators was shot dead by members of the "security apparatus." It was a message to Zelensky himself not to be making concessions.

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Excellent piece with serious predictions.

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This is something we have been talking about for the past few years. The U.S. is ominously aware of future economic effects of the Eurasian cooperation agreements and have been looking for a strategy to disrupt them because American would be left out. Now they have forced the spark that might lead to a significant barrier to these organizations and Germany, since it is still an occupied country, has no choice but to follow along.

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Yes, since Soviet times, Russia has been focused on making sure people had a place to stay.

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Conflating vaccine mandates with totalitarian government is just about the silliest notion I have heard lately. Of course, we know that the corporate world has bought our governments out from underneath us, but we are in a sate of dire emergency. Vaccine mandates are the only way to get any kind of control over this pandemic. Minimizing the need for them is evil. Austria is one country that is dong what needs to be done at the moment. Hopefully, others will follow soon.

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As a hedge against stocks, these private equity firms have been buying up properties for many years now. They went after private homes in residential neighborhoods and ran the price of housing up so far that many people couldn't afford to buy a house. It also drives the price estimate up on other homes taking them out of reach of first time buyers. Now they are even going after mobile home parks? Congress needs to stop this now!!

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Yes, we need to be aware of mythology in regard to leading politicians yet Kennedy had access to resources that helped him to be less dependent on huge donors. When LBJ ran for office he was heavily dependent on Jewish donors and his decisions reflected it. His cover up of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty was a glaring example of that.

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John Pilger is one of the few legitimate journalists operating in the world today. People need to hear what he has to say.

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BS!! The only way out of this pandemic is through vaccine certification. Unvaccinated people have no right to endanger the rest of the population and allow themselves to become incubators for Covid variants. Don't want to get vaccinated? Don't leave your house. Don't enter a public place. Don't use public conveyances or get on airplanes.