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Good article but it alludes to more. 3 vehicles, two of which are the same coin different sides does not make 'Pie-chart marketing: How much time should you devote to different tactics?' I'd expect something that showed some traditional vehicles weighted against their digital counterparts and what makes up a healthy diversification for the every day business.

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These days I'm curious. Ratings are still Neilson driven. Just because people check out what the controversy is does that really translate into Neilson points? Would it need to be sustained for a period of time before the derivative meant anything?

It's sad that we have these types of shows, sad that the viewing audience gets sucked in and eats more. If we could time machine back and stop the Real World from ever coming out would we have diverted this insanity and insatiability of living others lives instead of bettering our own?

These answers and more on my next reality show. :P

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Yea it's unfortunate but not many farmers support this market and so even year round it is 95%+ resellers. There was one guy toughing it out but he's now gone. While it's good to get your fruits and veggies, you can source out the real local. Davidson, Matthews, Waxhaw, Indian Trail, NCDA Yorkmont, Tailgate.

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After installing Quickpwn the 'installer' program wanted to update itself. It now crashes when it tries to load. How do I reinstall the installer app?