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Eyorpg, this is why you need solar power. If the President-elect Obama's government can make a commitment to man 40%+ of all household in USA with solar power, that will drastically drop the utility power usage. Parts of this savings could be used to power electric cars!

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Webnaster, we have tried "less government" method for the past 8 years and we all seem to agree on one thing: the economy is worse off afterwards. The problem with less government is that there are people with more information than others. Some of those maynot know what to do with the information they have. But for those that do, we have seen that they tend to fall for the number one human weakness: greed. They tend to take it all. So the idea of leaving it up to the "invinsible" hand of the market to work things out, without proper government regulation should be scaring you by now. If it is not, then you maynot "know" the gravity of the problem we are in today, or how it "really" came about. Again: lack of information is really bad.

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Thank you for the link. This is very useful. I agree with you. President-elect Obama should not be distracted with this issue (especially when it has already been proven that there is no link), there are more serious issues at hand. I almost popped a blood vessel when I saw the way CNN and FOX were trying their best to link this scandal to Obama. Another prove that our scandal-crazed media is part of the problem and not the solution.

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I must admit I have not been actively involved in any community organization until recently. I had the opportunity to knock on doors and talk to people concerning issues troubling them the most during the campaign. Since then I have been feeling a sense of connection and willingness to reach out and help. I have tried staying in touch with some of the groups I worked with during the campaign (DC for Obama and I recently went to a meeting organized by DCFO and I must admit that they have very solid organization and vision on how to continue their drive to use the volunteers that have joined them to push for meaningful change in our community. I will continue to attend their meetings and hope to volunteer more in the future.

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The real estate investors also play an important role in cleaning up bad neighborhood. One way they do this is by buying beaten down properties and fixing it up and then either reselling it or placing renters in these properties. In many ways real estate investors provide liquidity that might be needed to restore the fallout in the housing industry.

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Your points are well taken, but technology can evolve. If we put our minds to it is possible to get these electric cars to the shape were it is affordable, and faster to recharge. It is also possible to make them go 50+ miles on 10 minutes or less charge. The current models of the electric cars are doing well despite insurmountable competition they face when ranked against carbon-base vehicles. So with some help from the government I believe these cars can be made so much better.
In addition I think that one way government can help with making it possible for all households to have Solar Panels is by providing sweeping incentive that will make it cheaper for families to install these panels. If 500 out of a 1000 house hold have solar panel in a neighborhood that will help drop the price of utility by a whole lot for everybody living in that neighborhood

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Mark you have a good point. I never thought of it this way but I realize in order to be where the super rich are you have to be greedy and very stingy at the same time. The rich are rich because they have passion for accumulating money (don’t get me wrong, many of the super rich also care about what they do and have real passion for it). However there is something wrong with the ideology that we should trust the super rich to distribute wealth to the less fortunate without proper regulation. If nothing else we should use the past 8 years as an example of what could go wrong if we trust so blindly. It is true that the economy is going to pieces but I am sure that there are those that are benefitting big time from this fall out. The truth is that not everybody has the same information, or even knows what to do with information if they have it. This is why we need regulation to prevent the few that have this information and knows what to do with it from taking advantage of the majority that does not.

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I think you are correct. I think we as Americans build too much expectation on Obama. He will try his best I am sure, but the real change will surely come from each and every one of us. We will have to pull those pants up and work extra hard, encouraging each other to do the same while we are at it. I have learned that majority of the time it does not pay to wait on paycheck to ensure our survival. You can make that paycheck happen by starting your own business and cutting back on expenses. Learn a trade. Even though they are outsourcing jobs there are still jobs that cannot be outsourced like services oriented job. The guy that cut my hair still has his job and is not complaining at all, same goes for the guy that fixes my car!

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Cooperation tends to respond faster to economic crisis and are more nimble when they are smaller in size. Large cooperation are usually too big for a CEO and a handful executive to manage. Perhaps the problem GM and Ford are facing could have been avoided if they are smaller. Both companies had ample warning and had all the time in the world to adjust their business model but they were not able to do so most likely because of their size. GM alone has so many supply chain and ridiculous number of distribution systems. Many of these are independent of each other and many times competes against each other. The process is so slow, as a result the response system falls prey to companies like Toyota, which is more nimble. So yes I do agree that these cooperation which have grown too large should be broken up pronto!!!!