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I haven't installed any software on it in a while, so I find this confusing. I also don't have a lot installed on it, period, so its fairly clean.

I do have trouble with either it kicking off a vibration notification, and continuing to vibrate even after the notification has been dismissed. Again, the only way to stop that is to pull the battery/soft reset. Everything else seems to be working correctly; and I have the notification update that was released installed, so I'm not sure what is going on.

this problem with the sound can be very frustrating, as I have received calls only to have to hang up, soft reset, and then call back.

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the new MB and MBP are easier to get into than the older models. However, I am still having the Apple Store swap the drives between my MBP and my MB (the MBP has a 320GB 4500RPM drive) this wkend. I ain't doin' it. I'm not gonna screw it up. If Apple does it, then they are liable and not me.

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The store seems back up (at least the .edu store for Rush is up...) the new Mini did NOT get the body upgrade we thought it would. It just seems to have gotten a standardized processor (both models now at 2.0gHz and NVIDIA graphics). The only difference between the two seems to be hard drive size and shared graphics memory. Hardly worth the extra money, IMHO.

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I like my MyBook World Edition better. It is about half the cost; but doesn't have the built in access point. It does, however, come with world-wide access so that if I want, I can access the files from anywhere on the internet. I really like that feature...

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Nope... No they can't!

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Nice article. However, I have a very hard time paying that much for a set of ear buds. I don't care what kind of sound they produce... that is likely just me; but I'm just saying $120 is a lot to pay for a set of earbuds...

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congrats, Jenneth! good luck with the new site!

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I reviewed a similar device for Gear Diary a couple of years ago. I forget the name of the device, as it was just simply OK. As a GPS device, it did well. As anything else, it was a disaster. I never completely got why manufacturers included media center functionality in what was primarily supposed to be a GPS device. Chris Gavula said it was because the functionality was simple and easy to include, AND it really didn't cost them anything extra TO include it, AND they could charge more for the device because it "did" more.

You did a very good job with this review. I agree with all of your findings and there is NO WAY I would pay anything over $100 for this, in its current form. Get rid of Real Player, give me iTunes compatibility (or at least WMP compatibility), and a redesigned device with the speakers on the front, and I might...MIGHT consider paying $250; but no mer than that.

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Yeah, that makes 3 of us... oh well... Looks like some people at Dell have some early risers, too.

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Great article, Dan. Very well written. Who edits for you..? :D

seriously, the pictures are great, and add a lot to the article. Thanks for doing such a great job!