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Shame and remorse are "Mental conditions" that need to be "solved". I'm sure the military is working on a pill right now that will make it all go away.

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You know- when I start reading a particular comment and I see "Zionism" mentioned- I just skip it now. Tired of it. You know what it is? Another cop out. Americans can't take responsibility for their acts - never have been able to- so they scapegoat. I have no love for Israel- but this abusrd belief - that the West's little garrison state in the ME is the string puller of all this- is just fucking absurd and another way of preserving American innocence and purity. "If not for those dirty Zionists- America would blah blah". Please. Israel could be tossed under the bus at any moment by DC- Any moment. All they gotta do is bust on Mossad operation in the US (that they know about already and let alone for the most part now) and give the green light to the MSM that Israel is fair game- and its done. Over. Israel isn't my kind of country- and I think it must be one fucked up society to live in- one of constant paranoia and hate from birth. But I don't for a second believe they call the shots. This obsession I see with "Zionism" is sorta just another twisted version of American Exceptionalism.

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Graham's statement quoted here is why I can't watch the news. You know- that statement in and of itself is just insane and that no one notices this insanity is even more distressing. This is who we are ruled by - they launch attacks on countries using shabby lies as pretexts and then - when the leader of the country whom we have attacked (no matter if they have murdered his family members recently) says he will attack us back for attacking him- this is actually considered "proof" of his evilness to people like Graham and to us as well. This is text book sociopath/psychopath behavior- and it is on open display and no one notices this? This is what scares me about America the most. Its frightening. Absolutely frightening.

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It's really gonna get fun when the US closes its borders to keep people in- not out. I'd say that is two to five years away.

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Writer's outrage seems sincere but naive. I was where this guy is now- about ten years ago. I thought there was something called "international law" and an "international community" and that yeah- the US and Europe were the responsible adults of this stance. Then NATO bombed Kosovo and my belief in this paradigm weakened. Then the US invaded Iraq - and my belief in the "international community" weakened still further . . . and then - well - you all know- drip drip drip . . . and I am at the point where I know- KNOW- there NEVER has been any "international law" and it is all just a matter of propaganda and power.

Libya just lays it out starkly naked for all to see. If you can look at this "war" and still think NATO is an honest good faith actor in something called the "international community" and a bearer of the beacon of light called "international law" then I don't want to hear from you- which means I don't pay attention to any American or European "news" or politician. All a sack of shitty shabby lies.

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You know- that is really the only sane response- divorcing yourself from all of it. You have to- for your own sanity. Most people around me- just don't get it- and it is hard to be around them when you know how naked and awful shit really is and how bad it is going to get- and how it isn't going to get any better. People do not want to hear it- they don't want to the know the truth and they do not accpet it unless it comes out of the box on the wall as the truth anyway. Doesn't matter if you show the governments own words and documents . . . if they don't see it on CNN it didn't happen and they see it how the MSM wants them to see it- and that is their truth and that is the end of it. NO arguing with em. Don't try. Even writing this comment and reading this site today is a sorta "relapse" for me because I can't look at this shit any longer for any length of time ---- because it is PARALYZES me.

There is no "Movement" to join- there is no political party to sign up for- there is no politician to root for (including Ron Paul). We are on a March of Folly - a stew of our own illusions coming to a boil and there is nothing we can do about it.

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If I were the military/security side of this conflict- I'd just wait for things to get 1930's bad- then step in- and have me some show trials of Wall Street bigwigs- throw some suits to the mob- and then start some fascist welfare state- however meager- and voila- done. Not rocket science.

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Yeah- I saw this episode and had to turn it off. I'd be embarrassed if I were Jewish and saw this. Made me wince. That was my last "Curb" episode. That clip will one day be shown in classes as being representative of the sort of self involved indecent sociopath narcissism that runs rampant throughout our society.

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If I cared about "America" any longer I would give this some thought- but I don't really so I won't- but if I had to guess- I would say Clarke has been tasked with floating a trial balloon. See- 9/11 does not hold water - it is a naked seething sore on DC's rear and someting has to be done about it- because their story is just too absurd -and every time people watch those towers come down- they get more and more suspicious (which is why you don't see it that often on the TeeVee). So yeah- they are gonna weave the tail that "some" people knew about it and did nothing and they will be thrown under the bus as the bad guys.

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I flew today and I saw the dread in the eyes of young woman behind me - about to be oggled by some government agents. I saw a dark skinned woman over 50- pulled aside and frisked and manhandled- she looked at me with fearful eyes and I looked away in shame.

Oh- and by the way- the people in this country who really won't fly because they actually do value personal dignity and would never accept their women or kids being manhandled? Yeah- Muslims. The rest of us are pathetic cowards.

I will be flying back in a week- but that will be the last time I fly anywhere because I will not shame myself again in this manner. The next time I get on a plane- it will be when the TSA is disbanded entirely or I leave this country for good.