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Utter tosh.

Hillary walked around wearing a head-scarf while visiting Islamic countries...and never dared associate the oppression of women in the Muslim world with its root cause, which of course is Islam. Furthermore, your embrace of the word "Islamophobia" reveals the extent of your myopia regarding one of the most profound sociological challenges to human freedom and gender equality in the modern age. Finally, if some conservatives were indeed latent in discovering women's rights, as a proponent of such, you should be welcoming them into the fold. Instead, you condemn them and then turn a blind-eye to the hypocrisy of your fellow liberals who continue to insist women are oppressed where they are not (the West), and yet are unwilling to acknowledge their oppression where it actually exists (Darul Islam).

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You underestimate the power and allure of a religiously-driven and validated supremacism. The Muslim male is given sanction to dominate and control both his woman and his non-Muslim neighbor. For one with a perpetually immature world-view (the average Muslim), this ain't a bad position to be in.

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I love Jamie, but this particular interview was a very awkward, clumsy utilization of the invaluable insights that a scholar like Robert brings to the table.

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Good job Rob...for being so succinct and not pulling any punches. The following passage should be - along with the barbarity of the hudud punishments - the centerpiece of our non-apologetic discourse on Islam....

"Is it not obvious that there is something unique to Islam that causes even its so called moderate members to rape, murder and desecrate? There is no other religion on Earth responsible for the sheer amount of rapine and depravity as Islam, no religious group more likely to murder you for religious reasons than Muslims."

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Again, the rapes in Scandinavia are being perpetrated by Muslims of all nationalities, particularly the Pakistanis who make up the bulk of the Muslim immigrant community. The problem is religion/culture, not skin color. Time to get over your bigotry.

PS - Your link didn't work.

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I love your twisted reasoning: On the one hand, "1/3rd of the world's population is Muslim", so condemning it "doesn't seem like too hot an idea" (i,e., let's not piss-off the wrong people)...on the other hand, there's nothing to be concerned about, the Muslims aren't taking over, at least not in the "hear and now."

Furthermore, how hypocritical of liberals who supposedly care so much about mankind and yet are totally impervious to the persecution of women and religious minorities in the Islamic world, the stoning of adulteresses, the murder of apostates, etc. Apparently, Martin Luther King's maxim that "a threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"...has no resonance to libs, at least for as long as "the Islamist takeover of Tennessee is not likely to be a reality in anyone's lifetime."

Your insight and foresight are awe-inspiring.

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What an idiot you are! There are so many Pakistanis in Norway that there are more flights out of Oslo every day to Lahore, Pakistan than there are to New York City. But don't let the truth get in the way of your racist bullsh*t.

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Quisling might disagree.

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Why do you insist on seeing everything through a racial prism? Most of the Muslims in Norway - THE RAPISTS - are from the Middle-East and Pakistan!

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Yep. That portion certainly resonates....the instinct for self-preservation exists in all living things. One suspects then that dhimmitude IS a form of self-preservation...but only in a craven, subservient form.

Some life!