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The way i see it, there's nothing different about who I am whether I'm wearing a dress or a suit. It's still just me.
It's the clothes that change, not the person.

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I completely understand this. Being biologically male, I always felt pressure to wear dresses and leggings and pretty bows in my hair so people will not see me as a boy, but always dressing like that turned out to not make me feel free at all. I felt afraid to just wear baseball caps, pants, short hair and t-shirts because they would see me as a guy instead of a male androgynous tranny boi.
Now I have short hair and I wear whatever I want, whether it's pants, skirts, bows, baseball caps, or fishnet stockings.
Go ahead and wear the skirt. You know who you are inside, and you know how you want to look. With chest bindings and a short haircut, I think anyone could pull as a queer boy in a skirt. :)