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With the widening of mobile phone network I see the Laptop and the mobile phone working hand in hand. The mobile phone will provide the internet connection necessary for the teachers and pupils to exchange ideas and carry out research on the internet while the computer would be ideal for processing the information and it would also be a better teaching aid as it has a bigger display screen than a mobile Phone.
Being a teacher myself I have been using my laptop and my mobile phone to do on line research and exchange information with friends in other parts of the country this has helped to alleviate the problem of lack of text books. This facility has benefited my fellow teachers and students. as well.

Although we are slowly begining to appreciate the use ICTs in education there are a number of challenges being faced especially in Africa, these include high cost of internet services, poor mobile phone networks, high cost of the smart phones and the computers.

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In my view the One laptop per child is a good program but if this initiative is carried on in isolation it may not solve the problem of lack of access to information in developing countries. The reason being that there is poor and lack of internet connectivity, this hinders the sharing of information and research by both teachers and students.
Most developing countries have lagged behind in the development of ICT infrastructure, although now there seems to be an appreciable spreading of mobile communication to most urban and rural areas. In the case of Zambia this has helped to improve communication as even some rural areas are now covered. Therefore mobile phone may help to provide the internet connectivity.