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Very handy guide indeed. Having just started flying a CovOps, I shall have to get out there and start making some bookmarks.

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Interesting - I've still only ever been in two alliances, one the starting NPC one and the other Eve University, which is most definitely not a democracy nor is it entirely free (neither of these a particularly bad thing in terms of a teaching organisation - don't want the inmates running the asylum!). I hadn't realised that there were that many alliances that ran democratically.

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Indeed! Just have difficulty wrapping my n00brain around the idea of no stargates! No value judgement was intended.

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As has been pointed out, that's a big idea. I'm way too new to comment on the full ramifications of the idea.

But, the ghost beacon idea, I love. I wonder, could you implement such a thing even under the current stargate system? A module... or deployable device (that does stuff!), which fritzes the nav computer of passing ships dropping them out of warp if they pass it. You could set it 100km from a gate, and mess with passing traffic, allowing the easier engagement of war targets and the like. Make it short duration, or cap intensive or something to stop it being used for griefing, but if you have intel that a target is warping towards you, activate it, and then get your tacklers onto the ship straight away. i think, tho, it might better if it only worked on frigates and larger (save pods and shuttles from instakill).

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Blegh, I hate the in game map. It's helpful in all the wrong ways. As you have pointed out. And worse, it's not helpful in any of its core functions. Honestly, as a map, it's barely fit for purpose. I love cartography, but the in game map just makes me want to puke.

So /signed. Twice. In bold.

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Jump clones - absolutely. And whilst they are about it, they can allow the implant insertion to automatically stop and start training too!

I've not encountered the other three, but then I am still pretty new.

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I like this idea.

Even as a n00b in corp that seems to suffer from constant hisec war decs, I'd still like to see this implemented. Scanning and probing is an area I intend to train though, so there's definitely some bias from me.

I must confess that one of the things that puzzled me most when I first started to understand the game, was why CovOps ships have no way to hide your comms presence. You are able to turn your ship virtually invisible, but you can't erase your comms ID? Bizarre.

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I do see where you are coming from, and agree, to an extent. It could be argued, though, that those industrialists and traders should find themselves protection during times of war, or stay in an NPc corp so that they can't be targetted. Eve is a game of consequences, and I'm just not sure how bad it would be for High sec dwellers to have to live without the comfort blanket that is Local.

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As a new-ish player (2 months in), I'm not certain how useful local is in high sec. Sure, we use it in our war fleets to see when an enemy pilot enters the system, and it allows us to move around in the safe and certain knowledge that we are not about to be jumped by a bad guy - but then I'd argue in support of Manasi's point above, that it would increase the value of scouting no end, and that this would represent a really handy thing to learn. But then, I'm in Eve university and training CovOps for a reason!