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Unfortunately that's true. Atheism is the rejection of gods, it says nothing else about any of a person's positions and it certainly doesn't guarantee that the person is rational or skeptical. Atheists are just people and people, unfortunately, are mostly stupid. But I will never understand where the idea that atheists are aligning themselves with the alt-right when 80% of atheists are liberals according to surveys. Me, I'm an equal opportunity hater. I hate the far left and I hate the alt-right. The more extreme you are, the less likely I am to want anything to do with you.

But hey, what do I know, right?

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I've got about 6 stores within a couple of miles but all of them are bizarre in what they choose to carry. Last summer, my wife's parents came over and I went out to get a particular kind of soda that her father likes. It's nothing rare, but only one store out of those 6 carried it. Not Walmart, not Target, not any of the other major grocery chains, nobody had it. I wasted about 2 hours driving around looking for it and it's a major brand!

It's like these companies are trying to drive everyone to Amazon and themselves out of business.

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Virtually all blog promotion around here is automated, I don't have to take any effort. Some YouTube promotion requires that I post links manually, especially since sites like Patreon and MakerSupport simply do not allow automated posts from the outside at all. Beyond that, I'm still struggling to find a point to it all.

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Unfortunately, those are not the people I have any interest whatsoever in being around, so we're back to the question, what's the point of social media, at least for me?

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Of course, this hasn't happened just in politics, religion is guilty of it as well. All of the unsubstantiated witch accusations are the result of the same kind of emotional thinking and an irrational belief that their religious faith was factually correct. But when you point it out to these people, be it the religious or the regressive, they act like you're crazy for pointing out that they have no evidence for their allegations, just feelings.

The whole thing is a disaster just waiting to happen.

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I couldn't care less any more than I care what Clinton did. It wasn't part of his job and it didn't affect his job performance. So he can boff whoever he wants to for all I care as long as it doesn't change what he was hired to do.

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Except it doesn't change the fact that I'm on Twitter, indeed all social media, to have meaningful conversations. Most people on Twitter are running bots and posting memes.

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If I did that, I'd never follow anyone. I guess that it's better that I simply ignore it. It's all mindless memes and faux outrage anyhow.

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I've talked to several people who have either been involved with clergy abuse, or who have seen it happening, and they pretty universally say that they can't speak out against their pastor because he has this vague "in" with their god and they'll lose whatever social community they have at the church if they dare do so. These people are "men of god" that nobody wants to see come tumbling down because in the eyes of the believer, the mouthpiece of God is every bit as important as God itself.

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So far, my posts from here and YouTube are auto-posting to Twitter, although I have to say that I'm giving up on the platform again because I have sat there and stared at it and... yeah... pass. Most people are not even paying attention, they have some bot on their computer auto-posting memes 24/7 and there's one to have a discussion with, even if they were worth bothering with in the first place.