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I just had a discussion like this over on Reddit where one far-left (self-identified) person told me that anything conservative, in fact, anything farther right than the farthest left ideological talking point, was, by definition, racist and they had a right to ruin these people's lives because the far left is always right and everyone else is always wrong. I just had to walk away because there was no reasoning with this person. These people have a religious outlook on politics and I run into it all the time. They insist you have to maintain ideological purity or you're a terrible person. It can't be too long until people like this turn to violence.

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Honestly, you just stop caring. It doesn't matter what people think. I'm just not interested anymore. I don't care if I make anyone happy, I just care that they can back up what they say with fact. If they can't, they're not worth my time.

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I know he's taken it into account, I just object to using "objective" in relation to anything that isn't actually objective.

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Because unfortunately, a lot of people don't want to think, they just want to go along with the crowd. They don't have original thoughts, they simply adopt whatever seems popular at the time and never bother to think about it intelligently. It's why the hipsters, who all pretend to be individualist, all look exactly alike with their fedoras and neckbeards. They are lemmings. They're just not smart enough to realize it.

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I agree. I've already deleted my bookmarks there, it's been effectively dead for quite a while now and I see no reason to go back before it's finally deleted. It was never much of a substitute for much of anything.

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My dad died of cancer, but it wasn't religion that killed him, he didn't want to disappoint my mother. They both smoked for a little while when I was young, but quit. Supposedly. My mom quit, my dad kept smoking for another 30 years. When he got sick, he refused to get treatment for fear she would be mad. By the time he hit the hospital, he was stage 4 terminal and lasted less than 2 weeks. It isn't just religion that can get you, unfortunately.

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That's cool, glad to see you back. Nothing has changed. If anything, it's just gotten worse. Welcome to the real world unfortunately.

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Agreed. Words are just sounds we make with our mouths. Who cares? You can't offend anyone without their permission. Offense is taken, it cannot be given. A lot of people really need to grow the hell up.

Welcome back, haven't seen you forever! :)

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I completely agree. Memes are for stupid, lazy people, not people who want to engage in intelligent discussion or debate. Those are not the kind of people I want in my life.

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Are there children involved? Because that tends to be the sticking point, where one partner insists that they be raised in whatever religious traditions they believe in and the other insists they do not. It also tends, especially as they get older, to be the case that the religious partner tries to "save the soul" of the non-religious one. I can see that this is possible if neither side takes their beliefs all that seriously, that one side doesn't care if the other side goes to church and the other side doesn't care that their partner is just wasting their time and throwing away money paying for religion. Maybe that describes your relationship, I don't know.