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Lol thank you. I'm embarrassed now haha. I can't believe you left a comment. That means a lot. Happy holidays! :)

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Ooh I didn't know there was a manga. I thought it was based solely on a visual novel. I hear that the story is very engaging in the VN, though we all have our preferences. I wouldn't mind seeing a live action though lol. Sorry for the late reply.

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I really liked his interpretation of staz. I think his voice was one of the reasons I liked the character so much. And wow he has a lot of roles this season. I think I appreciate him a lot more now lol.
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I'm glad you feel that way. I think these kind of series are always better marathoned. Especially considering the short amount of episodes. Hope you have just as much fun with this series as I did . :)

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I can tell you're a fan. I'm not very familiar with SID, but I'm glad to know they'll provide the opening to Magi's S2 as well.

Although the anime follows a pretty standard shounen outline, the manga sounds very popular. I haven't read the manga, but I wonder if the anime lives up to its literary counterpart at all, or if it falls short. But I am currently not inclined to read it. Maybe its second season will hold more surprises for us. :)

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It's a very catchy song and I think it's my favorite Haruhi opening. Aya Hirano is wonderful indeed. She is a great voice actress. Although, I am not very familiar with her musical career.

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Sounds rough. Best wishes!

And that was just adorable. I am looking forward to your next project! :)

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I was so addicted to this song when Jormungand first aired. Yeah, sometimes these little things really help. One time I stuck with an anime because of a voice actor :P

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More like shounen comedy I guess. Gintama, Bleach, etc, etc....
Slice of life is something I find myself watching a lot too.
And Hajime is great! :)

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Oh I believe you judging from free's latest episode lol.