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Little Squee.. *smile*

Love the tip about the oat for nuts. Gotta try that now. Love oats.. don't like nuts IN desserts. :)

My tip.. read an entire recipe before you start to prepare the dish.

Now to blog..

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Hi Stacy.

My reply, here, turned into a post. They don't stay little, forever.. :)
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I love Tom Hanks. I love Baseball. I forgot about this line... because I'm a crier, too. :) (The "3 tissue email subject line" comes from being a crier of happy and sad.)

My brain fog often puts me into a state of "blank brain." I just forget what I'm saying, where it was going, or why I mentioned it.. or side-tracked.. (I can be telling you a story.. see the story playing out, in my mind.. see a wall, and get stuck, unable to say the word "wall." I can't think of the word, itself.)

Your friends, usually, know when its better to act like something never happened.. or change the subject to occupy your attention/time.. to avert the emotion.. when in public..

You have a lot on your plate.. and you keep running, like a locomotive.. I wish to have half your energy. ("I want some. Say yes! I want some. Say yes!" ;) )

(Or to just know where I put the memory card reader, that I didn't take to barcamp, would be good, right now.)

I feel like I'm always playing catch-up. Or I'm always asking myself how something happened. or How did something "not happen" that I'm sure, I did do..

I call it mommy syndrome. But once a mommy, always a mommy.

I find it easier to not cry by carrying around my tissue pack. I even pretty it up with fabric. Its a personal, tangible thing, that helps me. I'll give you one for Christmas, if you are a good little girl. :)

Thanks for making me feel normal. :)

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We know you planned this and its all your fault. :P I love you, anyway. This is karma, btw, for not telling me my blog was auto-playing, couple weeks ago. Delete me now if you wish. :) (I didn't hear it.. )

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When I can find them (Remember my crappy BiLo's produce) I use Serrano's. At the end, I splash milk or cream or half in half as I mash.

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My past Relationship with Taste of Home and how I'll share the book with you, if I win! :)

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oh the dreams I've had, in Taste of Home, honor! :)

IF this post wins this book. I will random generate a new winner for the book, after my grubby hands peruse it, for a day or two. :) The subscription.. well, you can have my first born child.. :P


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I love wooden spoonz. I've been trying to buy some new ones, for a few years now. I have some nice oak ones.. that can stand up to some work. But I can't really find the heavy work ones, lately. I'm turning the other cheek to the ones, at Walmart, with someone's name on them... but ooooh! (Most of the big ones have big handles.. that feel too wide and uncomfy in my hand..)

I used to buy chicken leg quarters, years ago, in California, for $.19/lb, on sale. I'd buy 50 pounds and spend the entire weekend stewing them and de-boning them.. freezing them as shredded chicken, in meal-sized batches. This really took hours off of meal-time prep, each afternoon. I miss having all that meat ready-to-go! Maybe that's how I did it with all those little kids? :)

(I guess I should add here that chicken really creeps me.. and if you'd de-bone it, I'd buy some, for us, both, and stew it, at your house, for both of us. :) I divorced my de-boner. ::giggle:: )

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Something I read, in Alton Brown's book, "I'm Just Here for the Food," that I had not considered before..

I, usually, wait for the oven to click off (the light to go off) to know the oven is hot enough.. but Alton says that is only the air temperature, and that recovery is long.. he suggests waiting 5 minutes, in one section, and 20 minutes, in another.. so the recovery, to the right temperature, after you open the door, is faster..

In my opinion, this could make or break a recipe.. and with bread.. it makes a difference, I'm learning. My buns cooked 3 minutes faster when I waited longer for the oven to pre-heat, today. :)