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Tea Party = CONSERVATIVE Values - SMALL Government - INDIVIDUAL Responsibility - NO Czars - NO Federal Government interference into local and state affairs

We MUST concentrate on making headway in electing CONSERVATIVES at the local and state level so that we can one day have GOOD STRONG CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES for national office!!!! It all begins with your local boards!!!! And the Tea Party movement recognizes this most important fact!

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Just recently an ILLEGAL immigrant - who had repeated arrests in the past, including assault on a police officer - was driving drunk and killed a recent college graduate. A young man whose life was taken because this state does NOT have a governor who believes that justice is blind. He actually believes that ILLEGALS should not be deported and has directed all law enforcement in the state to ignore the matter. As our Attorney General has said in the past, "it is not illegal to be in Massachusetts illegally" - figure that one out, will you?!?! the governor FINALLY delivers a public statement - stating that it was not the fact he was an ILLEGAL, it was the fact he was driving drunk that was responsible for the death...and that they were going to "throw the book" at him for DUI!!!! Forget that had he been deported after his first arrest, this promising young man would still be alive...oh no, Massachusetts law officials are supposed to ignore some laws and enforce others...and it all depends on whether or not you are a LAW-ABIDING AMERICAN or an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT as to which laws the good governor decides is worthy of enforcement - or, to use his own words, 'throw the book at them'!

Until we stop making law-abiding American citizens the scapegoat while CONTINUOUSLY allowing those who have broken into our country ILLEGALLY to do as they please, we will never have justice befitting the wishes of our founding fathers. Even when the ILLEGALS are arrested, they never show up in court - and soon turn up with new names and continue to break the laws of our country!

This is NOT acceptable and it MUST be stopped! Isn't it ironic that we patriotic Americans who have gathered peacefully to protest the mismanagement of our government are being vilified daily by those in government as well as the media...all while NOTHING is being done to put a stop to those who think nothing of breaking any law regardless of whether it results in death or not...knowing full well that they will never be held accountable by the courts, the government or the media.

I repeat - This is NOT acceptable and it MUST be stopped!

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I agree with others...there is NO need for a 'black' TEA Party group. Every TEA party event we have attended has been open to ALL, reminding us of our childhood Sunday School song 'be we yellow, black or white, we are precious in His sight...Jesus loves the little children of the world'

It's fine if they want to name their group after someone, but why must the color of one's skin be important to make note of...after all, as Martin Luther King said those many years ago...WHEN a person can be judged by their CHARACTER, not the color of their skin, then we shall finally be on the right track to the fulfillment of his dream.

I hope these well-intentioned people will change their minds and leave out the discriminatory terminology. Lloyd Marcus has proven that a conservative American is just that, regardless of the color of his/her skin. He has been a very effective spokesperson for the movement and his example should be followed by these folks in Texas. ALL Americans who believe in the Constitution and SMALL government with LIMITED powers are welcome and should feel free to attend any TEA Party event anywhere in the country.

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Good suggestion on the CBS 'eye' - perhaps it should be blinking 24/7 because that is how often they are attempting to hypnotize their viewers!!!!

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And we wonder why GOOD PEOPLE hesitate to run for office!!!!!! Blessings to each and every one of you CITIZENS who are now having to go through the filthy slimy sewers of American politics! Stay strong and know that the VAST MAJORITY of Americans are behind you!!! It is happening from east coast to west coast and north to Alaska and south to Florida!!! Our Democrat opponent on Cape Cod has done nothing but smear smear smear - never ONCE stating what he stood for!

Liberals KNOW their agenda is evil and their attempt to destroy our country from within is being threatened by we, the GREAT UNWASHED MASSES (to quote another CBS celeb, Ms. Katie C last week as she was going to travel through the great unwashed middle America - WHAT ARROGANCE!!!)

Remember to get out and VOTE on November 2 as if your life depended on it - because it DOES!!!!!! WE MUST STOP THE DESTRUCTION OF ALL WE HOLD DEAR - OUR LIVES & OUR LIBERTIES that our founding fathers fought and died for!!!!!!!!

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Hmmmm - the fellow on the radio station gets booted for trying to add a little confusion to Ms. Murkowski's attempt to skirt the WILL OF THE PEOPLE...and these conspirators are supposed to get off scot-free???? Don't think so!!!

I hope all in Anchorage poltics will continue to put demands on the television station to FIRE these instigators - NOT reporters - plus they need to see the inside of a jail cell!!!!

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Let's hope the tea party candidates win BIG in November and will be the catalyst needed to turn America back to a land of liberty and COMMON SENSE and LESS government!!!! If not, I'm ready to move to a deserted island!!!!!

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Agreed! And listening to Herman Cain speak with COMMON SENSE oozing from his every word is so welcome in this world of incompetent leaders!

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Anderson - it is truly too bad that your mother, cultured as she was, failed to wash your mouth out with soap when you said naughty words.

So here you are now, an adult acting like a five-year-old with your filthy comments regarding fellow Americans. To put it mildly, you and your president and anyone else who chooses to demean their fellow CITIZENS of the United States with that term should have a thorough mouth cleansing with a big bar of Ivory Soap! It works wonders!

Submitted by a proud tea partier!

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We must get the attention of the mainstream media - and Brent Bozell is just the fellow to do so!

They still don't 'get it' - hopefully on November 2, 2010, they WILL!

Remember in November and VOTE EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF CONGRESS OUT if they voted for the DISASTROUS bailouts or stimulus or healthcare! America will NOT survive if the progressives in Congress continue to rule!

Liberal running???? Vote them OUT!