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These thugs have their own brand of racism. Commit any inhumanity, the only condition being they keep one eye on the legalities and excuses that their shills will use to cover for them.
In the Deep South at least they have the honesty to let the world see what they were doing.
These deranged, cowardly tooled up castratos think they are something more than their victims but in the manhood department they are a lot less.

Typical Israeli sneak lynching. Every ounce of animosity against them has been earned this way. The same passion for justice, in men that actually have souls, that burns with anger on learning of what the Nazis did, will burn with anger at this. People who do this kind of thing are not as smart as they like to think. Thank God for Jews like Uri Avnery and Norman Finkelstein.

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Genius. Lubricant for the cyclical process of provocation and theft. Palestinians will be forced to further radicalise, or just do whatever they can to even up the score while they still exist. To a chorus of media shills saying "Told you so - see what they are like!". Mr Netanyahu, what we hate is what you do - not who you are. Just as we hated what the Nazis did. A passion for justice and a passion to put a stop to injustice. It's part of being human.