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Fabulous Dummkof, just fabulous.

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Up on KotH_Harvest, Heavy's sick
Here comes good 'ol Me-e-dic,
Down through the point with lots of saws,
All for the little dumpkofs.

Hoo hoo hoo, who would've knew?
Hoo hoo hoo, who would've kne-e-ew?

Up on KotH_Harvest, click click click
Out with some ubers with 'ol Medic!

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Arkham is crazy, but Batman set them straight with a

Batman is giving away the hot dickings!!!

In fact! Batman will be down at your local record store,
this Tuesday from 4 til 9, just giving out HOT DICKINGS!!!

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DOOM is a game where anything you grab shoots bullets... so don't grab that hookers ass...

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YO! *sets everyone on fire*

I know it's "YOL", but it sounds like YO! when he uses firebreath...

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Seinfeld: And what's the deal with Phone Booths being a primary means for time travel?

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I'm gonna DEKU-rate this comment wall with my comment.
Puns are Zora-verrated.

Shit, none of the other Zelda creatures or words make good puns...

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Meanwhile in an alternate universe:
Spy: Hey, I've been meaning to ask you, what was in your pocket all this time?
Medic: Oh! Heavy iz in here! See?
Heavy: *turns around* POOT!

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How the hell is the "Boobies" tag not in there?

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But now he can't do all the songs since this ocarina has half the holes the original one had.