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I watched and it was indeed a remarkable place. This is the biggest small space I have ever seen. Design and class to the max helped. Unlike the dream and green giveaways, this was not intended to be a family oriented space. It is perfect for the working element. If I won it, I would have plenty of space at home for everything, because the NY Oasis would be an office only. You will need one to figure out what to make, or sell to keep it!!!! This is a place for meeting connections, clients, making deals and meeting fellow bussiness people or other artists....

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Why me? Anyone else having this problem: On when I hit "submit" a popup says I have not entered and do I want to leave the site or stay? So I go back and everything is OK in the application. I scroll down to submit and the same thing keeps popping up. What's wrong? Anyone know? Help! I don't know if I am entered there or not because I have to X out rather than "submit out". Does this make any sense?

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Don't know how you did your cards, could do them like a picture frame cheaper. My first showing in NYC, The Stationery Show, was dolls turned into greeting cards. Maybe they have Internet shows now? And I do remember a success: George Rodrique, the Blue Dog painter. He brought his unfinished painting of President Regan to my museum. But when he went "commercial" with the dog "icon" he became famous. Got worldwide with Zerox and Absolute TV commercials. I have been setting up my painting and the other artist's sales on a similar plan. Same with the dolls, but I am doing it simple as I feel like, rather than be working 24 hours a day. You can choose how busy you want to be! Today there is also "Twitter". Maybe when ready you just "Twitter" Hey I'm here with this or that website.

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Don't feel bad. I have not run into one success story in 10 years! That is why I must make a plan first. Also your idea is great- I have 5 big-stuff labs and huskeys- overfed! I even ran into a family who decorated frames and sold them at x-mas shows and festivals. The artist had enough sales but not so much product and profit. Then she uped the bottom line, like me, with chain store sales and put family to work. Me too plus, piece-workers. Then there is profits but your worked to death and pay everybody! 17 years later I have talked to everyone doing all sorts of ways, and overseas mass production is the only competitive positive way and what works. Something is wrong in USA.

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I am getting ready to logoff, I want to know if you interpret that we can enter daily at HGTV, and also go to and enter daily too? Or we choose one or the other? Back later!

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I responded to your comment in the wrong place (end of page 4). You seem to be missing in action. Now that I understand how the intense debate works in relationship to e-mail notification, I realize just posting does not let the person know someone has responded. And we can't look to the side and see what's going on either. Still learning blog bla, bla, bla.

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Zoie, you mentioned you had a website. What was your's about? How successful was that mode of sales? Everyone I know, could never afford to "advertise" their site. They eventually dropped out. It is really a superhuge gigantic telephone book. That is why I wanted to do a book and go tour with media coverage. That is how I would get my website out. Or is there other ways on-line? Guess you could do U-tube crazy stuff for attention? How did you advertise? Even News Papers are having a time trying to survive and compete with 24 hr TV news....

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Just saw the lady's site. You are very informative and helpful. Seventeen years ago I should have reverted to shirts, books etc. I came to the conclusion of making them myself because I had no money. Made dolls from everything around and went to market. W.H.Smith (not me) became a distributor and boom! You have have orders everywhere. Very hard to say I Quit. Same with New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, 9 years and quick money. Hard Work! Originally, I had a well known toy company's licensor draw up 2 separate contracts, it went into a long bankruptcy and was bought out by Hasbro. Also a doll company wanted to mass manufacture them overseas and hire me. They too went bankrupt first, after a lifetime here in New Orleans. The 1990's were rough! I have a lot to think about so I make no mistakes. You just never know, maybe I will win one of these HGTV give aways and then money will be no object?No more disasters, I need a calm life and a clear head to produce... I have been very, very, very, lucky. I just need to leave my works to the world before "time" itself escapes me...

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That is very nice of you to say. It is true I make dolls out of every situation, literally and spiritually. Very green dolls. They were all copyrighted and "patent applied for". Very easy. Problem, it is just a piece of paper noting the date of creation. You MUST have at least $300,000 laying around to legally enforce copyrights/patents! Even if you win, they can file bankruptcy or not have the funds in the first place. Overseas is a worse story! So hit the market big and fast so you are rich enough to sue!!!! Artists are a single person not a big corporation. Angels are magical. I have Heart Angels, Crystal Mystic Angels, Spirit of Mardi Gras Angels, and Gloryareola Gift Angel- (Gift is transplants). My Daughter-in-Law passed with Cystic Fibrosis. You will get to see them when I do the site. I will make unfinished inventory periodically and sell. Never wholesale again! I am off to check out the women's website....

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Here is my biggest "pet peeve" with the media. They usually pick what photos and what "angle" they want to write about. It leaves out 99% of what you produce when you are very prolific. There is the 2004, Scene 4, an on-line magazine of Theatre, Film, and Media with my interview which tells more than the usual website. Only seven photos! Google search: and 'Steve Esquerre Interview with CaSSandra' will pop up. Hit on that site and let me know what you think.