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As long as the officials involved in renunciation of their commitments said their kol nidre last yom kippur they will be in the clear with Jehovah.

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Hey Bradley:

guess you don't know your history very well. For example you are apparently unaware that there were no tanks nor antiaircraft weaponry in the 1860's. But Massachussetts troops trespassing in Baltimore on April 19, 1861 did fire on innocent protersters and of course that was only the beginning of a long long string of Lincolnian abuse of people who opposed his tyranny. Take a year or two too learn some history of the period and then get back to me with your apology.

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For all of his "With malice toward none, with charity for all,...", Ol' Abe showed little concern for the devastation, destruction and death wreaked by Sherman in his famous "march to the sea" and subsequently. Gadhafi could be the Abraham Lincoln of the middle east. But being an unreconstructed Confederate, maybe I'm a little bit prejudiced.

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I can't understand why our government is so hostile to Gadhafi. He is only doing what our "greatest president", Abraham Lincoln, did. That is, he is trying to preserve his Union.

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Despite the apparently overwhelming influence in western industrial countries of the American "Mustache Jack" aka "Bonkers Bolton" view that immediately upon their inevitable acquisition of one nuclear bomb the Iranians would launch a nuclear attacks upon Israel, the US and various European countries, most specifically Poland, against which latter threat from Iran the US has specifically proposed to defend with a missile shield (Mrs Clinton said the agreement would "protect Poland and our allies from evolving threats, such as those from Iran"- there is at least some evidence of sanity in Europe.

See here: "Polish foreign minister: We’re not actually worried about Iranian missile threat" -

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Israel is always outraged.

Google search for "Israel outraged":

About 6,900 results (0.51 seconds)

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So the United States presumes that it has the prerogative not only to tell the rest of the world what it may believe about what happened on 9/11 but also to condemn even the making mention of the presence of views other than that which it officially sanctions.

So much for freedom of opinion and belief.

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I wish that the main stream media would have paid a little more attention to the fact that al-Megrahi's conviction was based on very shaky evidence as is briefly described at the end of the following article:

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The bill is based on a repetition of the usual lies:____The resolution was introduced by Rep. Louie Gohmert [R-Texas] and 46 co-sponsors. ____House Resolution 1553 “condemns the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran for its threats of ‘annihilating’ the United States and the State of Israel, for its continued support of international terrorism, and for its incitement of genocide of the Israeli people.”

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Just one quibble - namely with Mr. Buchanan's buying into the highly questionable placing of blame for blowing up Pan Am 103 on Libyan al Megrahi.