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The president said that Israel and the United States were united on a broader vision for a secure Jewish state able to live in peace with its neighbors "where kids can get on the bus or go to bed at night and not have to worry about missiles landing on them."

Only way this will work is by giving all the rag heads a permanent dirt nap!
Really until we as people stop with the namby pamby political correctness we have been in for last few decades we ain't gonna get nuthin accomplished!

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What products?
Unless of course you mean warm bodies to be killed.

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GM shuts down
Not soon enough for me! Gooberment Motors loves having the idiots in gooberment telling them what to do.

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Who's my baby's Daddy? This is what happens with interracial mating. The media, including Disney and Nickelodeon. are pushing this. The libs looking for a light brown society.

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Wait one minute, I thought he was leaving this country? Didn't he say if Bush gets elected he was leaving the country?
What a Bonehead, also he can't act

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Ya really need to check out Boehners record before you say that. Remember when a politician has his mouth open he's lying! Never forget Ratpublicans and Dumbocraps are one in the same. Power and more power is what either wants. So we must hold boehners feet to the perpetual flame, and our flame should be stoked !
You can always go back through the last 110 congresses ans see what they have done to us from both sides.

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16 hours charge time on leaf gets you 6.25 MPC or you can add a 220/240 outlet you go to 14.28 MPC at 2 to 3 tines the electric cost. Also public charging stations, how's that going to work when the owner of the charging station starts paying the electric bill? Don't forget the end run around the crap and trade that the EPA is doing now, electric charges have been creeping up in the last two years, but with the EPA's new regulations electric bills will be soaring even without owning a leaf or volt. Cold weather will degrade the charge on the batteries.
You greenies wait about 5 years and you can pickup one of these for chump change

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Boy listening to these "people" (used loosely) It's like I am reading "ATLAS SHRUGGED" Gee earning a profit is BAD Huh? A business with NO PROFIT FAILS, right? If you run a business and don't show a profit after X amount of years, the IRS will burn you a NEW ONE!
I guess company makes no profit, nada, zip, I can never get a raise, why work harder? They then default and pay me with IOU's, so can I as a private citizen send the Power company, grocery store, county tax office IOU's? Better yet the gooberment could force banks and credit card to extend my credit to a TRILLION dollars with a no payment or a $1.00 a year payment with no penalties. sounds good right?

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You sound like a northern liberal progressive! I have been pushing the same points made in the article since the early 80's. Stevo what you are saying is actually what has been done to us since lincoln, idiots reinterpreting the CONSTITUTION!

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First off the Moron does not understand why people had to hunt the dumps and junk yard for stuff. See the industrious FDR had crops plowed under without harvesting ans slaughtered animals to drive up the food prices thus causing a SHORTAGE, If his Grandfather had not been a common sense man, and fed his family anyway possible then this moron wouldn't be here today.
So many uneducated people today, when the end of the Feds come and the land collapses it will be your TRUE SOUTHERNERS who will survive, like Hank William Jr's song "A Country Boy can Survive" All the major cities, north and South, will kill off each other as they will not be able to handle the situations that arise form no food, gas, clothes, and mainly bling.