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Excellent article, although a number of folks I know have found The Office to be pricey as well as a bit pretentious - with the doorman in black, female bartenders in their cutsey little bow-tie outfits, you need a hostess escort just to get a seat at the bar, etc.

RPBC take a look here for glassware advice:

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This is now on tap at Coffee District (Friday 12/18). May not last long though.

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It's funny... I was at Coffee District last weekend with some Crafty folks. I ordered a Terrapin Big Hoppy Monster (their keg went in record time, Chung later said).

"Terrpapin's out of my home town, Athens, GA" one fellow said.

"Ahhh also the home of REM and the Indigo Girls," I replied.

"Yes, Michael Stipe still plays local clubs in town sometimes."

Which reminded me... "Dave Matthews started up in Charlotesville Virginia. And he and DMB members can still be spotted around the UVA hometown."

"I've also been hearing a lot about this new Starr Hill beer lately,based in Charlotesville" I added. "What's the deal with that?"

"I rate at a B- or C at best" said one Crafy fellow. The others agreed.

So that's my Starr Hill story. I'll give it a try sometime but not before many others.

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I made this post as a first-timer - and did it before I had a login. I also checked "Notify me of follow-up comments". Now I am getting emails any time anyone comments on ANY post here.

Anyone know how I can disable this? (I've now created an account - but of course it doesn't "know" that I was also the "original poster".