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These are simply not comparable. The problem with the Incredible picture is clearly a poorly set "white" level (which, in this example, is biased toward blue), and the user's inability to set clear focus. Correct those two problems, THEN compare the results.

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I supported Obama. I contributed to Obama's campaign. I stood fearless in this community of right-wing zealots and argued your cause. I am a gay woman.

Obama has rewarded me by throwing me to the wolves of the extreme Religious Right in the form of Rick Warren. I am ashamed of my candidate's choice, because it is a slap in the face to every rational American who supported Obama and believes in "liberty for all."

As it stands, I've shifted from HOT support of Obama to BARELY WARM. It's clear Obama doesn't care about me or my kind, and his platitudes make no sense if you transmogrify, for example, Warren's anti-gay rhetoric with that of an anti-Semite, or a skinhead. Would Obama have invited him under those circumstances? I think not.

Obama: Shame on for abandoning part of your base.