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J. Andy Lambert


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awesome. I hope we can put together a showing in Houston.

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Also why not sell tickets and do live shows? The live shows could help support the Elephant? I think thaty may be what you are suggesting but I jsut wanted to clarify.

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Karen Maezen Miller, Brad Warner, Gudo Nishijima, How about John Pappas or if you can find him, The Zennist? Believe it or not among the Buddobloggosphere these guys pull heavy weight.

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waylon, can we get an idea of how much you have in subscriptions, currently?

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zazen is hard. I hope that one day it does bring me peace. Right now ,it drives me insane. I count my breath and count my breath and try not counting my breath and my nose itches and my back hurts and where's that stupid bell, anyways?

Maybe one day it won't be like this. I don't do zazen for the expereince of doing zazen I do it for the clarity of mind and peace of body that comes when the bell rigns and I go back to my real Practice, Life.

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Buddhism doesn't require you to accept every teaching. So you can practice elements of Buddhism and Christianity without interfering with either. From a Zen perspective, in particular, Christianity is something you believe in, but Buddhism is something you do. I actually wrote a post about combined practice on my own blog: http://www.chron.com/channel/houstonbelief/common...