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You hire trash, you get trash. Those who hired this scum bag knew what was going to happen, expected it to happen and wanted it to happen. Otherwise some one else would have been hired. We didn't watch any of the "game" or the trash half time show, actually it's been over 8 years since we have watched. Oh and the commercials - didn't see or want to see any of those either.

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Redford has always creeped me out! He is one ugly human as far as I am concerned. I never liked his voice or his looks. Never understood the attraction.......

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I can't watch either Stiller or Alda. I cannot stand either one.

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There isn't anything on this planet that would induce me to pay money or see for free any of the movies on this list.

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I tolerate this screaming muscle-bound troll in his UFC roll but anything else he does and his comments are like horse farts in the wind, not worth my attention.

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I just can't watch Mr. Carrey in anything. He creeps me out as a person and character. I would not let a child watch any of his movies. He's a icky person, just an icky person and he should be wished in to the corn field.

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Too late, she opened her mouth already and I will never be interested in any thing this tart does.

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Clooney = no watchie no spend any money on - EVER

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I don't have time in my life for people like these. If they want to live this way go to the parts of the world that accept it. This is not the country for you. I would never watch such trash or the channel that promotes it.

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I can't stand this dog faced woman. I could never watch anything she is in including commercials. Automatic turn off and channel change upon hearing or seeing her.