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Hi Chelsey,

It seems you missed the point of my piece. The problems you mentioned about southern life were disgusting and I applaud anything that decreases ugly discrimination and increases justice, which is why I seek to reduce the power of the Federal government.

The problems I find with Maddow's position have less to do with her discussion with Rand and more to do with her premise- that the Feds are the only ones who can stop racism. Condemning anyone who questions Federal authority while turning a blind eye to racist acts by the Feds doesn't help minorities, it hurts them.

People of colour lack recourse today because so many people believe that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 meant the end of problems with racial discrimination. They see DC as a champion of minority rights and thus their minds become closed to reality- that racism such as disparities in the prosecution of Federal drug policy continues to this day.

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The next place you can go if interested in being a part of the movement is the \'volunteer\' button at the top of this page. There are many things that one can do to help Resist DC right from their computer.

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Oh, thank you for the correction! It is indeed SB810, the "California Universal Health Care Act"

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Bringing the guard home is an important step that will force DC to limit military action to only those situations with a clear and present danger, something claimed but not actually seen for decades now. More often than not over the past 100 years particularly, the US has waged war for reasons other than national defense, increasing the power of DC each time.

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Semantics are a critical aspect of the battle for liberty. In an age of media buzzwords and soundbites it's important to bring attention to the words that people have been conditioned to use and to begin to break down those mindless regurgitations...excellent article.

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Another good piece from Mr Hurtt...nicely done!

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In order for the strategy of tax resistance to make sense, each state would have to be confident that the other states would follow through. Such a tactic would meet a swift ending if only a few states actually went through with it and withheld funds from the Feds, as those few states would be singled out and heavily pressured by DC.

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As a 10-4 pledge one would also expect NH State Rep. Carol Vita to join the NH effort to Resist DC.

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I think dead would be the wrong word. This is all just getting started.

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Actions taken by the Federal government in recent months can certainly be called outrageous, resistance is growing quickly.