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That DVD is already on my must-buy list. I've always liked Rammstein - albeit sorta passively, just hearing what I do on satellite-radio. I think I need to get a little deeper into them.

BTW, Merry Christmas, Jamie!

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Here's another way to brew a better cup of coffee:


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I'm close to 42 now, and I've never stopped picking up on new bands (the latest for me - Xerath). I still like the stuff I grew up on, but I just can't stand still and lock myself into just this band or just that genre. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I have no problem with being tagged as an 'aging hipster' or 'old hesher' by certain people in the crowd at shows. We all wind up there sooner or later, and WTF do kids expect us to listen to once we reach a certain age, Guy Lombardo? I'd rather listen to Dave Lombardo.

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Mac-and-cheeze with a key card? Dude, you've certainly traveled more miles than I have, but here's a good piece of advice - it's called a hobo tool, a thing that looks like a swiss-army knife, but has a fork, spoon, and one or occasionally two knives. Pack it in a suitcase instead of a carry-on in these times, but have it on your person at all times. Here's a link to buy one online:

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I think that'd be an excellent idea.

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I wonder if the guys you sent to Casino El Camino met my boy Lifto there....

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My wife and I send our deepest sympathy to you and your family for your loss. I wish I had something deep and profound for you, but I don't really have anything. Just know that your friends are there for you. Not to mention us in the peanut gallery. Best of luck, Jamie.

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Hmmm, what was that nightmare? My guess would be either waking up stuck to the sheets (damned Faygo), or the excessively long shower required to get the Faygo sludge off. Probably needed one of those pumice bricks they use for barbecue grills to get that crap off.... :)

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It's a shame about Travis Meeks, but his arc of self-destruction has been pretty evident for a while now. Honestly, I wouldn't fret for the band members he fired. The way things seem to go for DotN, it seems that getting fired by Travis is a career boost - ask Tantric. Travis had some good songs here and there, but I wager that we'll be reading his obituary pretty soon, and from your observations, I'll say that's going to be within the next twelve months.

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Arranging to see FF and Prong next month in Reno, fortunately on an off-day during a three-week run of gigs in Reno and Carson City. I am so hoping to finally see Gene Hoglan in action.