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You may want to go with something lighter after that kind of study! I have a hard time reading books like that because I feel like I've gotten over things until it's brought up again! I guess that means I never got over it!

That statement is so true sounds like a psychology class, but way too many times we behave irrationally based on past occurrences. Sounds like a book newlyweds need to read in learning how to love maturely.

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I actually googled that ironic!

Love your site!

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I think sometimes we can only help their immediate that doing any good? At the time, but unless they are given resources and opportunities for a job, then helping an immediate need is not that beneficial to them. They'll soon get hungry again or need money.

I used to be a little too daring and would give rides to people I saw in need. I never did get hurt, but I realized that as a female, a very naive female, that anything can happen.

The best thing that we can do is share the gospel and point them in the direction to help themselves. If they are wanting our help, then I think it's best to ask the problem, so we'll know how to help. Money or food isn't always the answer (or rarely is).