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The real question is does it really matter how the universe was created. If you think it does, why? This is really picayune bullshit that can't be tested much less proven and worrying about it is a waste of time.

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Religion is the greatest problem of every person, especially those poor subjugated people in underdeveloped countries that don't know any better, which is how all of you keep describing the Haitians.

For the record human life has no value simply because it is human life. This is how we wound up with a planet of nearly seven billion people that is quickly running out of resources and has long passed the point of sustainability. "Oh look its human lets save it," is a stupid argument when it comes out of the mouths of christians but almost understandable because they really believe in their fluffy bunny bullshit. It is outrageous when it comes out of the mouths of people who believe in facts and science.

Your little do gooder philosophy makes me want to puke as well so I guess we are even there. As hard as it is for you to believe this is about voting with your dollar. Their values don't match mine so i am not giving out money, how is this different from any other charitable donation? Unless you give to every single charity that comes along with an equal amount of time, money or effort you are nothing a fucking hypocrite by the way.

You can chastise me for deciding not to help the Haitians because I don't want to support people who believe in god, but please tell us which organizations do you choose not support because their values aren't in line with yours.

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You're fluffy bunny non-believer stance is sickening. "Please feel sorry for the poor ignorant indoctrinated idiots, it's not their fault they are papist fools who will buy whatever this pontiff is selling." That kind of crap makes me want to puke.

We as nonbelievers should say fuck them. I would be willing give money to any single person there who says. "Fuck God, I'm going to Help myself because he can't, won't, or doesn't exist."

BTW Even indoctrinated fools can see having between 9 and 12 kids to get a half dozen that live to adulthood so they can repeat the process is a bad idea and if they haven't the brains to see it letting their genes go down the drain isn't a bad idea.

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@ KMeadows You are legally obligated to call the ambulance, this is a choice and an economic one at that. If you want to help people who can't stand you go right ahead.

BTW I think if no one sent dime one because a) they don't believe in god or b) thought this was the will of god and by interfering might incur god's wrath we would be doing them a great favor. There is nothing better for removing a belief in god than thinking that either god fucked you or there is no god.

Help if you want but for me that is an nation of nearly ten million religious nutcases and I think the world could do with a lot fewer of them.

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It isn't that i wish any sort of pain or suffering on them its is simply a matter of priorities. This is about deciding whether I should give available funds to a group of people who have nothing but contempt for my beliefs. It is something i wish a lot more non-believers thought about before they start handing out cash, since supporting the opposition doesn't seem in our best interest. I won't even give to the local domestic violence shelter anymore because the people running it look at me with contempt ever since I told them I didn't believe and didn't want to discuss god with them. After having met a few people from the shelter I almost convinced many of them would decline my donation if they knew it came from someone who didn't believe in god.

I give to a local volunteer animal shelter where money goes to feeding and fixing strays so they aren't killed. The recipients of my money care not whether I believe in god or not. If You can show me a charity that not only respects my beliefs but tells the recipients it came from a non-believer I'd be all over it.

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First off there are very few secular charities in the world, much less the big ones and those charities are still handing out money to people who find my beliefs contemptible. If you think because I choose not to help people who don't like me I am no different than Pat Robertson then I feel sorry for you and your delusional fluffy bunny ways. First off I am neither advocating fear, love, or a belief in god, the devil, demons, or any other fairytale being. I just happen to be a conscientious consumer and don't care to hand out money to people who have no love for me now and will show me no respect much less have any gratitude afterward.

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Not all American's ignore Haiti, there is a fair amount of so called conservatives who pay very close attention to Haiti, and every other country full of non-whites that might want to slip into good 'ol Amurika. I wonder how many of these racists bastards hiding behind isolationism and nationalism would be pissed if our neighboring countries gave us illegal aliens that looked like the Swedish bikini team?

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I'm not sure what world you live in but we could give billions of dollars to Haiti as non-believers and we would still be thought of as evil, because we don't accept god. It wouldn't be just the American and European or other christians, jews and muslims that would continue to stick their noses up, it would be the very people we donated money to. Get it through your head we are evil to these people because we don't believe and nothing we do will change the fanatics among them.

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What surprises me is is how many atheists and agnostics give a damn about helping these people. Yes, I know they are human beings, but step back for a moment Haitians are mostly pseudo-catholic (over 90% of the population) followed up with protestants making up a high percentage of the remainder. These people are zealous in their religious beliefs and for the most part would find my non-belief contemptible at best. Why should I help them when they would spit in my face for my beliefs? Screw them!

Furthermore I just want to scream every time I see one of these people on TV asking "Why has god done this to us?" I almost lose my agnostic cool by saying "God thought you deserved it!" I'll probably feel more compassion for these people when they start asking how they can help themselves instead of asking god for it.

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The fact that you defend a radical racist like Glenn Beck says all we need to know about your opinion. Go crawl back under your little white sheet and try coming out with a more convincing argument from something other than a mouth piece for the scum of the earth.