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Of course! The industry that has been built up around the failed AGW hypothesis is worth over a trillion and a half dollars worldwide and that doesn't include the industries that benefit from this largess. But, the fact remains that there is no scientific proof that the burning of fossil fuels is bringing about catastrophic global warming that will make the earth uninhabitable within the next century or two. In fact, there is strong evidence that a slight warming of the planet will be a boon to life, especially humanity, while the additional CO2 is already creating a greener planet with more oxygen and more food.

I have been very concerned about the threat the AGW (human-caused catastrophic global warming) "scientific consensus" poses for our nation's socioeconomic health. As a response to this potential threat I have written a major paper titled:

“History and Ignorance of “Sky Is Falling” Theories with Special Emphasis on Anthropogenic Global Warming”

Here is a link to the paper. If you read it and believe it has value, please pass the link on to others.

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The proof is entirely on the AGW side (extrodinary claims demand extrodinary proof). However, this is only one of the principles of scientific investigation that the climate "scientists" have broken. They have attempted to keep opposing views out of reputable journals, they have either lost or refused to share original data, they have excused poor predictions, and they have insisted that AGW is proven theory, when it is barely a working hypothesis.

The planet may well be warming but to accept the weak theory that human caused CO2 is the major agent causing is much the same as saying that drinking milk leads to drug addiction, since almost all addicts started on milk.

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It was wrong if me not to mention that the only reason he survived was because of some Muslims who truly believed that Islim was a religion of peace and were horrified at the actions of the Muslim majority. I also forgot to mention that this happened very early in 1964.

To be very fair, this is our third genocide memoir and the very same thing happened in Germany and Poland where the majority of those populations supported the Nazi genocide of the Jews.

Finally, if you believe any of this was totslly the result of religious difference, you are very mistaken. In all three of these instances the major issue was the desire of those populations to take over the lands, homes, and businesses of the others. In essence it was pure greed. If you believe it can't happen here ... It starts with groups like OWS, ignorant fools who believe they have something coming to them and that others have taken what should be theirs.

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Just shows how ignorant he is on foreign policy. I'm currently editing a book by a Hindu man who survived the Muslim genocide against the Hindus in East Pakistan (now Bagaladesh). Millions of Hindus were murdered, raped, and/or sold into slavery. Their property was confiscated and their homes and businesses were burnt to the ground. What the Hindus did to the Muslims to make them so angry was to refuse to convert. Paul is completely ignorant of the fact that it takes very little to give Muslims the excuse to murder and rape those who don't honor their every request,