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Perhaps you're unaware of the monopoly and addiction caused by the pharmaceutical industry. Natural medicine , herbs and plants, don't need to be processed. Do you actually think putting it into a pill makes it any more legitimate? Get real.

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No, Mike. Obviously the driver holds the blame. My issue is that this town seems to ignore the fact that both drivers and cyclists are unaware of one another. I've seen cyclists put themselves and others in danger because they decide they're no longer going to follow the rules as a vehicle but are going to behave as a pedestrian. I've seen drivers not even check their right side before making a right hand turn.

What I'm saying is that there needs to be more education for both drivers and cyclists. How many accidents have you read about in the DC regarding a cyclist being hit in a pedestrian crossing? Many times they don't even hit the light and they speed across.

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Sorry... this place is not so good.

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Maybe people would be more interested in riding their bikes were it safe. One of my neighbors came home with crutches the other day because someone "tapped" him with their car as he was riding his bike on his way home. Boulder isn't safe for cyclists. BTW - It's not the fault of drivers either. The City needs to get it together and start spending money on these issues instead of allowing more fatalities and injuries.

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Oh Goodie. You obviously haven't tried their coffee so it means you won't be taking up any of the precious space in the shop. BTW - The price pays for the coffee fairly as opposed to your 7-11 sludge.

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Pearl St. is a sad shadow of it's form self.

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Christy, Not sure which gyno office you visit. But they don't use scalpels. They use speculums. Try writing something people can understand instead of your incoherent rants.

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What is wrong with wanting nutrition for children? What is wrong with Michelle Obama fighting the overwhelming problem of child obesity? Perhaps you don't notice it because you live in the "Boulder Bubble" where everyone is fit. We are setting the example for the rest of the country. How about supporting the change instead of sitting on your butts at your computer being critical. Grow up.

P.S. I worked as a teacher for BVSD last year. Children who are raised eating nutritious food don't mind eating it, and (Surprise) they have better focus and are less emotional. It's not fair to send your children to school after eating a bowl of Lucky Charms... it is not healthy, they have a sugar crash by 9 am, and you're giving them hydrogenated oils which can't be worked off with P.E..