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Why would pea-brained Klein be a pundit of any kind? Time for him to be demoted.

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The House is in for a good shaking up . . . finally!

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The UN should be moved to Zimbabwe or Switzerland. Should we compare our human rights with those of any one of the Muslim countries, like Dubai, for instance? What a load of crap! Why don't they just go and leave us alone.

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Please Jesus, help good people rid the world of Islam, the Devil's religion. Amen.

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USMCSniper, it's not all about kicking a dead horse. There's a lesson to be learned here. Get these profiteering traitors out of the government. I am dancing that the sonofabitch is face to face with his deeds.

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Ted Kennedy knew that his policies would end up benefiting the democrat party over the long run. In that sense he was as corrupt as Johnson who brought about the "Great Society." Murtha and Kennedy were on a quest for political and personal power. Besides, anyone who leaves a young lady to drown IS a corrupt coward.

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Let's root all the "Murthas" out of our government.

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Mr. Williams is right, as usual.

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As when he gave the finger to Hillary, con-man BO likes to hide things in plain sight. This may have been an inadvertent slip, but no matter; he'll just back pedal tomorrow or ignore this slip altogether. This joker forgets that NOTHING he does can be hidden from us with the advent of the interweb (as for his birth certificate and transcripts, those remain hidden because he's spent over $1.3 million to keep them out of the public eye).

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To Javelineer:

Nobody can accuse you of being PC.

And here I am, treading gingerly, watching my mouth, and controlling my reactions in the People's Republic of Vermont. I am surrounded by leftists who believe in big government and hate America. They are so far gone (and completely uninformed) that they still believe Obama is the greatest President this country has ever had.

In fact, you remind me of Tammy Bruce. She has a no-commercial internet-only R-rated show. Sometimes she can't help herself and drops the f-bomb while discussing what is going on in the government, and regularly calls Obama "the dumb bastard." She often complains of the Old Boy Network when it comes to Republicans and Democrats. Her political analysis is pretty much right on target.

I think you might find her show interesting. It's on from 2 to 4 pm EST M-F.

If members of the Republican party don't get back to their principles, the party will disintegrate. Then the danger will be that we will be divided when opposing the Democrats, who are a real danger to our country. I have a feeling that the tea party movement will overhaul it bit by bit. The first thing that needs to be done is to replace Michael Steele.

NIce to hear from you.

- Nemesister

I agree with you.