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I like your premiss but sadly the end result will not be like the Idol TV program, where the Greens would not make the final 4 and the loser between the Libs and NDP will not be required to go home never to be seen again. I just wish there was a real conservative option going on the ballot when the time comes. The CINOs we have now do not exactly thrill me.

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Up here in Canada we consider the "right" in Briton to be farther left than our NDP who are so far left they are damn near communists.

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What the hell is wrong with people these days? This is North America and we are a mostly white society. When events are put on except for a few type specific events of course the majority of people there are going to be white. Racism has nothing to do with it there are just more of whites than blacks. Live with it!

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Your post as far as it goes describes a small part of Islam. I urge you to continue to investigate them. If you do, I believe that you will soon believe as I do that the vast majority of them are much closer to the pure evil rating. The saying " There is no moderate Islam only Islam" is much truer than most believe and when you read for yourself the passages in their Koran instructing them how to eliminate us the Infidel and other things from their Sharia law on how they must be, you will see what I mean.

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I have no idea who invented hardly anything but I do have a good sense of what is happening in the world around me. Here is what I have observed. Islam through its Muslim followers are the worlds absolute best at beating and abusing women, stoning rape victims, brainwashing their children to be suicide bombers, honour killings and a list of other atrocities so long the battery on my lap top will go dead before I could list them all.

Islam and the free world are incompatible! They immigrate here and do not want to become Canadian or American. They get all upset when we resist their efforts to change our free society into the sadistic suppression dominated mess that is the Islamic world. We should not allow Islam and its agenda of dominance to get more deeply entrenched into our society than it already has. If it was up to me I would ship every last one of them back where they came from.

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I sure wish everyone would stop giving those Libs advice. Let them self destruct and good riddance. The conservatives we have today are doing the job similar to the way the liberals did decades ago so lets let them carry on like that and start up a real conservative party. The last time we had one of those was when the current so called conservatives put the shiv in Preston Manning`s back. It would be nice to be able to vote for a real conservative again.

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Just knowing that he is a professor at a university is enough for me to disregard his opinions. The leftist slant to all things coming out of said institutions is enough to disqualify him from any honest comment.

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I wish everyone would stop pointing out her mistakes and showing the error of her ways. Let her be and if we are lucky with no guidance from the right side of the spectrum she will completely self destruct come election time.

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Not a bad read for the CBC. I am surprised at the tone of the essay with it coming from the Mother Corp. Although it barely skims the surface of the Islamic problem it is a start. Can we believe thats the start of the slippery slope within the CBC?

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You know for all the things the Dems have done to hold back the blacks, and especially with them being the founders of the KKK, how do they get so much support from the black community?