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We did have an election. Harper's party only got a minority.
Thanks be to God.

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Q "How can she sit there and, week after week, just throw out demonstrably false statements like the Liberals voting against these bills? "
A She works for Stephen 'It-Doesn't-Have-To-Be-True-Just-Believable' Harper

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These apparently come from a Stats Can survey where respondents are asked whether they hav ebeen victims of certain types of crime in the last 5 years, reported or not. From that they deduce the 92% figure.
But the cons' use of this is pretty selective - these same surveys also apparently demonstrate that crime rates are, wait for it, dropping.
The conservative don't like that particular statistic, though.

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Yet another example of how reality and conservative viewpoints tend to be two separate beasts entirely.

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That's a huge aprt of the problem with pretend-to-be-tough-on-crime rhetoric is that it never has to solve the very problem it purports to target.
If crime rates go up, well then, "we've got to get even tougher!"
If they go down, well, they are going down, and you see the type of legislation and rhetoric they offer.

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Aha, but then does the format of the GSS not refute her claim that (declining) crime rates are only because people are not reporting them?
Asking whether you have been a victim of crime in the last five years would tend to capture reported *and* unreported crime, would it not?
But then I suppose I could skew those statistics any way I wanted.

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Yeah, talk about lack of support. I would say that the silence from caucus has been deafening, except it hasn't been quite *that* silent....

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I agree with john g to an extent. But at which point does ties to a particular party preclude an individual from having and offering impartial opinions?
I tend to lean left and as such tend to find fault with much of what this current government does, and would likely say so were a camera pushed in my face for comment on any particular issue. I have no fomal ties to the Liberal party -yet.
But then what *if* I did have ties? If I got so fed up with the current government that I started volunteering, donating, etc for an opposition party. Does that make my opinion in any man-on-the-street interview illegitimate?

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Someone named Kady O'Malley has been following it too.