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T-Mobile needs more high end phones. I currently have a Nexus One on T-mobile and I'm looking to upgrade. So far they have nothing that interests me. If they don't have any interesting phone announcements by the time the HTC Thunderbolt comes out, I'm jumping ship and heading to Verizon.

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Not a Kevin Costner fan, but he's perfect for this role.

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At this rate the movie will come out first and the game will be a movie tie-in.

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THIS could be the game that gets me into PC gaming. I LOVE these books and I can't wait for the tv series!

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Sounds cool! Glad to see EA taking chances on new IPs again. Dude in the purple jacket makes me want to watch Purple Rain!

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That actually sounds like an interesting story.

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There needs to be a law against remaking Hitchcock movies.

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This is way too big to be one movie. I hope they break it up into 2 to 3 movies instead. If you've read The Dark Tower series, you really should read The Stand. It's one of the many books that tie in to The Dark Tower.

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Good to see Zipper back at the reigns of the SOCOM franchise. Slant 6 did a horrible job with SOCOM: Confrontation. I played that game the first week it was released and haven't touched it since.

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Nice! Now I need to go back and beat Red Faction: Guerilla!