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Wow big post!

Lag hasn't been reduced at all in Eve, its merely been moved to other locations IMO. I played heavily in a very popular section of 0.0 and to this day still run slideshow battles unless you inform CCP well in advance of any "surprise" attacks. So this is not just low sec. I also frequently suffer lag in various high sec systems.

Must admit I haven't been to Jita for months so no idea if that's improved but the whole of Eve? Not a flaming chance mate. Its the same as its always been.

Personally I doubt Eve will ever be lag free to a large extent. The new influx of players will make sure this never happens for one thing.

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That reminds me of the G an T in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy :) On all worlds and all universe there is a version of that drink, although it tastes nothing like the human Gin and Tonic.

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Not half bad! Not bad at all.

For daring to stick this in public view I commend you. For writing an interesting story with a large dash of realism I applaud you! Very often this kind of fiction is swamped in details specific to the game, you didn't do that, it worked well :)

I do have one pointer, even though I to have fell in the same hole at times. Keep 'now' out of the story. an example is the ship name, which while extremely funny is rooted in the 20th century. I suspect that USS will mean nothing to anyone in a few thousand years. Explore wider terms or unusual names and don't be afraid to use them. Same goes with the whiskey. They probably have no idea how to ferment whiskey in New Eden so bring up a new name if possible. Its not easy, I know trust me, but its worth it :)