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Bobbieg - you're close but not quite on target. There are 36 states with gasoline tax rates higher than ours. We do rank number one on sales tax (looking only at the state, not county rates) and number 3 on income tax (looking at the highest bracket in each state, the average rate would be lower but I don't know how to calculate that). To look at charts with those tax rates and others, have a look at the Federation of Tax Administators web site.

To get a clearer picture of where we really stand, we must look at the overall effective tax rate paid by Californians. Simplfied, this factors in all the taxes paid by all Californians. For that we rank 11th overall, nationwide. We rank 15th in the effective rate for federal taxes paid and 13th for state taxes. The chart is on page 5 of this report by The Tax Foundation. To be clear, there are 10 states whose overall tax burden is greater than ours.

Truth is, I might rather be number 41 instead of 11 but that begs the following question. Do we get good value for our taxes, irrespective of rank.? Do we get better government when we pay fewer taxes?

Smaller government is not necessarily smarter (or better) government.

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Reality check: Content of the comment notwithstanding, B.S is not me. I always post and comment under my full name.

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Frankly, and not that anyone cares, I'm bored with this whole MBA discussion. It is 1- if one stretches one's imagination, tangential to the point of the post and 2- beneath the intellect of most, if not all, of those who have commented. All of you, at least the ones I know personally, are better than this. There. Now I've done my daily dose of annoying people. I'm going to go back to being quiet. Have a nice day.