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There's no doubt that automated apps on social networks and email have a part to play for any entrepreneur or business but that personal touch can't be ignored. I have had surprising results through social networks but if you really want those sales then you have to connect with your audience.
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Myspace is to narrow a market and they need to reinvent themselves to compete with FB and other popular social networks. When i think of MySpace i think of teenagers and not a place for me personally to have an intelligent conversation.
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It's a very emotive subject when it comes to victims suffering through no fault of their own, I can see Google's side of the argument and it seems an impossible task to police effectively, but they do need to show that they are tackling this issue head on and come up with better solutions. If it means employing more moderators or developing smarter filters then they more than have the resources to do this.
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Hi Heri,
I have seen this before on some of the review plugins where its integrated along with other media review options like Amazon, Youtube, Yahoo answers and e-Bay. It's a great addition for anyone running a niche blog and is especially useful for affiliate marketers with work at home blogs. For shear ease of use you can't go wrong with this plugin.

At the moment i make use of ReviewAZON which does a great review layout with user comment and video from Youtube.

If you have the skill you can do a bit of editing on the single post admin and insert the ClickBank code below each post by using the CB widget which you can customise at CB. But for a quick and easy solution i would be more inclined to purchase this plugin.

thanks' for the read

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There are many plugins that will help you to achieve what you’re after but it’s the design and layout of your site that determines how you want to portray your message. EndGadget is a hugely popular site and its layout is a very visual experience for obvious reasons. For a gaming site you need to have plenty of interactivity for the readers like video, forums, comparisons, polls and so on. If your budget is tight then use the free Atahaulpa theme which allows many different layouts..The link to the theme is at the bottom of the page, they have an excellent forum to help you out.

As for plugins you could make use of "GD Star Rating" NextGen Gallery, WP Polls, forums, FeedWordPress to gather YouTube feeds. There are many others, just click add new on your plugin admin and search plugins. If you have funds then there are some excellent review plugins that can enhance your site with, ReviewAZON plugin pulls in Amazon products and populates the article with buyer reviews and allows you to post video reviews from Youtube. There’s a special holiday discount at the moment for ReviewAZON which you can find at the top of the home page right here on Web-Work At Home.
I would say for a Gaming site that you would be better keeping to the Blog format, but you can still have separate landing pages without sidebars if you make use of Themes like Atahaulpa.

Hope this helps thanks’ for the comment

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Hi Michael,
Yes i have gone ahead and installed on my main blog and so far it is performing well. The only drawback was having to deactivate Backtype which lost a few comments from my system. One of your colleagues said that you are looking to integrate this in the future. Thanks' for your input.
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Hi Jim
Thanks' for signing up through my link... wishing you luck with you article directory and blog directory.
Cheers :p
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I am sure I.D support is very good and they did try to help me before but couldn't resolve the issue. I will go through the testing phase on one of my blogs to see if it can be integrated. The problem i have is the importation of my comments which i don't want to lose.

Thanks' for the reply
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I think i will hold back and wait for WordPress 2.9 before i try and re-install Intense Debate. I had major problems when i last tried to install on my blog.