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Looks to me like a sheep shearing tool......

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I can happily vouch for everything Mark mentions in his Yak Trax post. Living in Montana, we see our share of cold, icy weather. The temperature fluctuates regularly so what once was snow/ice is now water that eventually freezes. At some point during the winter, there are areas, including my back yard, that simply turn into a solid block of ice. With my Yak Trax on, I can walk out there with my dogs, totally confident that I won't slip, ever. I admit I was hesitant at first, being a big guy, and therefore maybe a little more paranoid of falling than most, but all that disappeared after my first "test walk" with the Yak Trax. They are solidly built, and fabricated in such a way that they stay on your shoes without slipping. I would highly recommend the Yak Trax for anyone who has to navigate on foot through snow and especially ice. They won't fail you!